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6 weed products comedian Jon Gabrus can't live without

July 9, 2021   10:00 am PDT | Updated 2 years ago
comedian Jon Gabrus

Back in 2005, Jon Gabrus began performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Theatre in New York. He made his way onto several comical improv troupes and teams including Mailer Daemon, fwand, The Law Firm, and Your F'd Up Family. He even single-handedly wrote and starred in his very own one-man show, Blackout Drunk, where he tells tales of getting sloshed and making ill-considered decisions. He then encourages audience members to do the same through the help of special guest bartenders and drinking games. It wasn't long before both the audience and industry professionals caught on to his hilarious stage preference, which undoubtedly granted him a regular panelist spot on MTV2's Guy Code for five seasons, along with recurring roles on TV shows like Younger, Comedy Bang! Bang!, and The Hotwives of Las Vegas.

Gabrus is also a well-known cannabis advocate, which has been part of the inspiration for his podcast High and Mighty with Jon Gabrus. The podcast has received over 2.1K reviews on Apple Podcasts, putting it in a coveted 4.8-star spot and features some of Jon's entertaining (and famous) friends such as Rory Scovel, Julie Klausner, Matt Besser, and many more. His onscreen presence ranges from the goofball frat guy to the loveable teddy bear who can win you over with his charming smile. After chatting with him for an hour about some of his favorite cannabis products at the moment, it's easy to see how his welcoming and friendly personality simply shines through on the screen. 

Here's six of his favorite products that have both helped him decompress while he's not performing and assisted him in getting through the weirdness of 2020 and 2021. 

Cannavis Lemon-Lime THC Syrup

“My tolerance has gone through the roof in the last year, and making cannabis beverages has been one of my go-to moves during quarantine,” said Gabrus. “I'll put a half shot of the Cannavis lemon-lime syrup into one of my iced teas and my day is markedly better.” 

Available in California, consumers can create flavorful infused beverages with Cannavis syrups by adding it to their favorite food recipes, or simply enjoy the delicious syrup alone. The syrups are sugar and gluten-free and contain zero genetically modified ingredients.

Space Coyote Pre-Rolls 

“When it comes to pre-rolls, I'm a big fan of Space Coyote. They're sort of all-infused and I just think they have a great flower,” Gabrus shared. “I'm kind of like a child so I have to do a lot of rewarding myself. I'll tell myself 'oh you have that great Space Coyote you just bought, if you start writing you can light that up in the evening.'” 

Space Coyote offers a collection of indica, sativa, and hybrid joints which also include resin and hash options. 

Lake Grade Pre-Rolls 

“They kind of look like cigarettes … They have a little white filter so it's nice to be able to walk down the street with these and not call too much attention to yourself. I loved to go on long walks during quarantine just to get away from my four walls. I'd get stoned to the bone and just walk down to the store to get a cold brew just to get some exercise, sunlight, and have an hour of my day gone.”

Tough Mama Infused Pre-Rolls

“It's hard to find companies that are using hemp wraps for their blunts,” said Gabrus. “These are great ones. The flavor is good, they are a little infused, and they hit hard. They also have great branding that truly worked on me. It was kind of like picking a horse in a horse race, I was like, 'I love this name so let me go ahead and try it.'” 

Tough Mama blunts are infused with THC oil and available in indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties. 

Higher Edibles GF Salted Canna-Corn Kernels

“I'm not a big sweets guy so savory edibles are always exciting to come across,” said Gabrus. “This company called Higher Edibles makes cannabis-infused corn nuts, more or less. They're like a hundred milligram bag and it's so easy to eat. It's like popcorn and so nice to have a savory weed snack. There's not many of those products out there and it seems like a bit of an untapped market.” 

Kiva Confections Lost Farm Fruit Chews

“Kiva has a line of edibles and they really crush it,” said Gabrus. “I don't think they can legally say this, but I think I can on my own for this article: they taste just like a Starburst, which were my favorite candy growing up. When you're 39-years old, you can't just sit around and eat a bag of Starbursts but when the Starburst is anti-anxiety medicine you can justify it. I like to have about 40 milligrams of these things before bed.” 

Featured image courtesy of Jon Gabrus. Graphic by David Lozada/Weedmaps