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Everything you need to know about the GPen Dash dry-herb vaporizer

June 24, 2021   4:20 pm PDT | Updated 2 years ago
GPen Dash dry-herb vaporizer

Ground flower vaporizers used to be exclusively reserved for durable tabletops, as the boxy, dense machinery was far too complex for travel — much less sneaking tokes in a Target bathroom stall. But today, there are a number of palm-sized herb vaporizers on the market, including the G Pen Dash, Grenco Science's most affordable, ergonomic, and discreet contribution to the handheld-dry-herb-vaporizer space. 

For flower vape enthusiasts, products like the G Pen Dash are game changers. Not only is it discreet enough to slip into a back pocket, it's convenient, intuitive, and less than a hundred bucks. But there's a lot more to this dainty device than just pocket accessibility, potential duckets saved, and comfortable thumb rests. 

Here's everything else you need to know about the G Pen Dash vaporizer. 

What is the G Pen Dash?

The G Pen Dash is a one-hitter vaporizer made for dry, ground herbs. Basic units start at around $70, but limited-edition Dash collaborations with Cookies, Dr Greenthumb and BLLRDR cost a bit more and have more decorative housing. Each unit features a glass glazed, stainless steel heating chamber with three temperature settings. 

This vaporizer is an affordable option for ground-herb consumption; it functions with the same efficacy of higher priced, bulkier units, but is discreet enough to dangle from a keychain or fit in a novelty clutch, which makes it markedly more attractive to less cavalier users.

How does the G Pen Dash work?

The G Pen Dash is constructed with a magnetic mouthpiece on one end and a charging port on the other. With a slight amount of pressure, the mouthpiece pops off to reveal an almond-sized heating chamber. This modest cavity holds approximately .25 — .5 grams of finely ground herb. Included is a packing tool that helps keep crumbs from escaping during what is a simple packing process: dump the herbs in, reattach the mouthpiece and voila, the device is equipped. 

There is a single button on the body of the Dash, once the mouthpiece is snapped back into place, just press this button five times to simultaneously power on the device and activate the heating element. Haptic feedback will alert you when the unit is powered on. Finally, click the button another three times to select the desired vaporization temperature. 

GPen Dash dry-herb vaporizerRio PR

When the device reaches temperature, another haptic alert will go off, and the device is ready for use. 

After three or four deep draws, the bowl will be spent, and popping the mouthpiece will both shut the device off and reveal ground herb that appears toasted, but not burnt. You can tap the spent plant matter into the palm of your hand and dispose of it in the nearest compost bin.  

Changing temperatures

The G Pen Dash's single button contains three tiny LED lights. The lights display both temperature and battery life.  

Temperature is controlled similarly to power; once the device is powered on, press the button three additional times to access the heating selection. 

Temperature colors:

  • Red: 428°F
  • Green: 401°F
  • Blue: 375°F

This device maintains its heat until its auto-shutoff is activated from non-use or the herbs have been removed, so pack the heating element with only as many hits as you would pack in an analog one-hitter. The G Pen Dash provides excellent personal hits, but can waste material or even become clogged if overpacked.

Charging the G Pen Dash

The LEDs within the G Pen Dash's single button signify both temperature and battery power. While the colors vary for temperature, they are exclusively red while charging.  

Power levels:

  • One light = 30 — 33% battery life
  • Two lights = 60 — 66% battery life
  • Three lights = 80 — 100% battery life

Included in its packaging is one micro-USB charging cable. The device is charged from an easily accessed port at the bottom of the unit. The LED lights on the button will glow red as the device charges, blinking in succession. Also has pass through charging capability 

The unit is completely charged when all three lights are glowing a steady green. 

How to clean it

The G Pen Dash's small heating chamber and low-temperature convection precludes the kind of resin buildup users might expect from burlier, combustion-fueled smoking devices. Cleanup is essentially brushing leftover herbs from the chamber once users have tapped out the bulk of the toasted herbs.  

Instructions specifically advise against any type of submersion, even in the name of cleaning, so save the alcohol soak for your spoon pipes and glass rigs, and opt for a post-puff clean sweep with the included tool instead.

What's the appeal?

First and foremost, the price point of $69.95 is considerably more inclusive than commensurate devices from similar brands. Even the special-edition collaborations are relatively affordable. Additionally, the device's size and herb chamber are both designed for not just discretion, but for satisfying personal use. 

And though the G Pen Dash holds enough ground herb for a few abundant hits or several dainty sips, it maintains a one-hitter energy that discourages puff puff passing, which feels appropriate for our times. But even for those turned off by non-shareable devices, its mild, low-temp vape hits do a satisfactory job of spotlighting the best of whatever cultivar simmers in its oven — which is a turn-on for cannabis consumers of all makes and models.  

Check out the G Pen Dash vaporizer at Photos courtesy of Rio PR.