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Welcome to Strains Madness 2021

March 11, 2021   4:20 pm PST | Updated 2 years ago

And we're back with more Strain Madness!

That's right, we're rounding up 32 of the most popular strains and putting them into head-to-head matchups to determine which strain will take it all in 2021. Get ready for high-seeded favorites and underdog strains competing in huge blowouts or nail-biting finishes. 

Last year, we kicked off our bracket just as the sports world was shutting down and OG Kush took home the championship trophy. This year, some of the same heavyweights are back (Blue Dream, Gelato, GSC) mixing it up with classics (Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze, Bubba Kush) and up-and-comers (Pink Rozay, Mimosa, Wifi Cake). 

So lock in your favorites and fill out your bracket:

How it works:  

  • Strains will be pitted up against each other in matchups starting at 4:20 p.m. PST (full schedule listed below). Voting will remain open for 24 hours. All voting will happen on Weedmaps' Instagram story stream. You can fill out your own bracket by downloading it here. 
  • To vote in wild cards: starting at 4:20 p.m. PST on selection Sunday, click into our stories and write in the wild card strain you want to see enter the tournament. 
  • To vote on matchups: starting at 4:20 p.m. PST on a matchup day, click into our stories and vote for your favorite strain in the matchup, and repeat until you've voted for every matchup in the round. 
  • To find out who advanced: the winners who advance will be announced in a recap article on Weedmaps News. You can find those articles posted below as the tournament progresses. 
  • To find out who won: the winning strain will be posted on Weedmaps' Instagram and will be covered in a Weedmaps News recap. 

The schedule:

  • 3/14: Seed Sunday — The top 30 strains are announced and fans vote in 2 strains into the wild card slots. 
  • 3/16: Madness Begins — 16 matchups between 32 strains. Fans vote on Instagram stories.
  • 3/19: Friday's Dank Sixteen — 8 matchups pitting the remaining 16 strains. Fans vote on Instagram stories.
  • 3/22: Monday's Quarter-Finals — 4 matchups pitting the remaining 8 strains. Fans vote on Instagram stories.
  • 3/22: Wednesday's Fire Four — 2 matchups pitting the remaining 4 strains. Fans vote on Instagram stories.
  • 3/24: Final Friday — One story, one strain for glory. Fans vote on Instagram stories.
  • 3/29: The Champion's Monday — Our champion is announced. 

Tournament recaps: