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Halloween-themed pipes, bongs, and rigs for a spooky smoke session

Hannah Meadows October 13, 2020   12:00 pm PDT | Updated 2 years ago
halloween bongs

You're never too old to be lighting up jack-o-lanterns, dressing up in your favorite costumes, or staying up into the wee hours terrifying yourself with scary movies. And though 2021 has cast us to the wind when it comes to celebrating this year's holidays due to lockdowns, you can still get into the Halloween spirit by celebrating with some spooky strains and some fresh, glass gear.

From creepy spiders to doll-like horror characters, get in touch with your inner witch or demon with these Halloween-themed pipes, bongs, and rigs.

Cyclops Eyeball Pipe by Chameleon Glass

This cyclops pipe from Chameleon Glass is always watching. For those enchanted by the all-seeing, or those who'd like to pay homage to Book from Hocus Pocus, this handheld pipe makes for the perfect Halloween night peace.

Price: $73 - 87

Oshun Water Bubbler by Canna Luxe

Oshun Water Bubbler by Canna Luxe halloween bongs
Photo from Canna Luxe

According to Canna Luxe, the Oshun Water Bubbler was “inspired by the Yoruba goddess, Oshun,” who is “associated with water, purity, love, and sensuality with a love for gold.”

Cracks of gold shine against jet black, making this silicone piece enchanting and witchy enough for spiritual sessions under an All Hallows' Eve moon.

Price: $68

Heady Gremlin Dab Rig by Zink

Heady Gremlin Dab Rig by Zink halloween bongs
Photo from Zink

Though pricey, the Heady Gremlin Dab Rig by Zink offers a touch of horror with each hit. Pair this rig with some delicious Monster OG for a little on-the-nose Halloween fun.

Price: $699

Custom Child's Play Bong by Little Ghost Bootique

Based on the iconic 1988 movie, the Child's Play bong by Little Ghost Bootique truly captures the campy, bloody terror of Chucky. Designed by Chelsa Darling, who's also the brain behind many other unique horror-centric pieces, each custom order is one-of-a-kind, so handle with care.

Price: $269

Skull Head Gandalf Pipe from Brothers With Glass (by Chameleon Glass)

Skull Head Gandalf Pipe from Brothers With Glass (by Chameleon Glass) halloween bongs
Photo from Chameleon Glass

Halloween is all about the gothic and macabre. Characteristic with a Gandalf-style stem, the Skull Head Pipe by Chameleon Glass is just right for loading up a few hits and starting an Addams Family marathon or bone-chilling podcast series.

Price: $44.95

Spider Novelty Glass Pipe from Puffing Bird

Spider Novelty Glass Pipe from Puffing Bird halloween bongs
Photo from Puffing Bird

Arachnophobes beware: the Spider Glass Pipe from Puffing Bird may cause you to do a hair-raising double-take. Its realistic shape offers an interesting pull with the mouthpiece as one of its legs, so don't leave it out lest someone mistakes it for the real deal and crushes it out of fear.

Price: $25.99

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps