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10 Weed Products to Help A Hangover, Just in Time for New Year's Day

November 14, 2019   10:00 am PST |
Updated 2 months ago

New Year's is upon us. And as we transition from a decadent period of tinsel, bows, and frantic gift-giving into the stark void of actual winter, we see the end of the year as a spark toward something within. Sometimes that something ignites feelings of regret —or it's an urgency to live life. Maybe it's just the urge to hurl those mixed drinks you lost count of well before midnight. 

Whether you're banking on the metaphorical significance of New Year's resolutions or trying to block out the morning sun of a hotel room in Vegas, the idea of New Year's Day is usually much brighter than the reality of January 1st. Either way, you're likely hungover. 

Here are a few weed products to help you deal with the hazy fall-out from the sobering reality that 2020 is here and life is wild. 

Prismatic Plants Good Day Tincture

Courtesy of Prismatic Plants

To combat the proverbial cocktail of anxiety and regret that arrive the morning after a night of debauchery — especially when it's marked by the blinding light of yet another new year — Prismatic Plants Good Day tincture is a great pick-me-up move. In this magic little vial, adaptogens like Schisandra berry, white Chinese ginseng and bacopa meet anxiety-relieving cannabinoids CBD and CBDa, resulting in you feeling like a human again. 

Price: $70 

Level Hangover Protabs

(Photo courtesy of Level)

Level Protabs are 25-milligram capsules full of cannabinoids that take effect within an hour. By focusing on the isolation of different healing cannabinoids, Level Hangover Protabs are formulated to deal with everything that sucks about being hungover: THCA and CBD for pain relief and inflammation, CBG for anxiety after drinking and Delta-8 for an upset stomach. 

Find it and other Level Blend products on Weedmaps


(Photo courtesy of goodbrands)

CBD is great, but sometimes a hangover calls for a little something extra, and that something is THC. If you find yourself needing relief right now, Goodmints are designed to be fast-acting and low dose. Available in three CBD:THC ratios (4:1, 1:1 and 1:4), you're covered no matter how hard you went the night before.

Find it and other goodbrands products on Weedmaps

Sonder Vape

(Photo courtesy of Sonder)

When it comes to indulging in cannabis before a family brunch on New Year's Day, it's important to stay low-key. No one wants to explain the smell of weed to a close-minded relative who already thinks you're a millennial burnout. The female-owned brand Sonder offers full-spectrum vape cartridges sourced from their mother's farm in the Emerald Triangle where they grow all their own cannabis. Speaking from experience as a survivor of 2017's Family Brunch From Hell, hit the SFV OG cartridge out the window of your childhood bedroom before guests arrive and feel yourself ease into IDGAF mode. 

— Find Sonder products on its website

Old Pal Sativa 1/2 Flower Pack 

(Photo courtesy of Old Pal)

A hangover can sometimes be so strong that it calls for a joint. For this kind of hangover, discretion is thrown to the wind — it's better to smell like weed than to succumb to nausea on the floor of said New Year's Day brunch. Old Pal's sativa joint pack, made with pre-ground half ounces of social flower (more affordable without sacrificing a good, fun high) and extra rolling papers, its ready to go … even if you aren't. 

Find it and other Old Pal products on Weedmaps

Lagunitas High-Fi Hops 

(Gina Coleman/Weedmaps)

While it may be tempting to start drinking immediately in the hopes of combating a hangover — DON'T. For this particularly bleary, “what did I do last night?” morning, a different hair of the dog will serve you better. 

Lagunitas has teamed up with AbsoluteXtracts to bring us High-Fi Hops, the perfect non-alcoholic weed beer. With zero alcohol, zero calories, zero carbs and 10 milligrams of THC, these light and bubblies are sure to help you ascend from whatever layer of hell January 1st finds you this year.

Find it on Weedmaps

ALT Liquid Cannabis

For a more discreet yet still drinkable way to confront your impending mortality, ALT (Advanced Liquid Technology) is the look. These 5-milligram tasteless, colorless shots of THC enhance any drink imaginable in the most futuristic way ever. Because really, New Year's is nothing if not a reminder that the future is now.  

— Find ALT products on its website

Pure Beauty “Babies” Mini Joints

For the times when you want to keep your wits about you but get lost in them too, the beautifully marketed brand Pure Beauty has the answer. Babies are tiny mini-joints that come in a super cool box pack, taking the edge off in style. It's 2020, babe, keep it cute. 

— Find Pure Beauty products on its website

Yummi Karma Birthday Cake Dessert Drops

Don't let the name fool you, this tincture is ripe for any celebration. A single dropper contains 20 milligrams of THC with a flavor that eerily emulates vanilla cake, making it the perfect go-to for celebratory obligations — or any obligation, no matter how menial. Instead of stressing, giggle your way into 2020. If you survived the last decade (and it looks like you did), you deserve to celebrate.

Find it and other Yummi Karma products on Weedmaps

Barbari Muse Spliff 

With raspberry leaf, peppermint, sage, jasmine flower, and CBD-rich hemp flower, get a new prerogative to match the new year with Barbari's CBD Spliffs. While THC is obviously great, things tend to look brighter when your eyes aren't as bleary, and thoughts do move faster when your mind feels clear. 

— Find Barbari products on its website.  

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps 


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