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14 weed products to help a hangover

November 14, 2019   10:00 am PST | Updated 3 years ago

Whether in celebration, coping with stress, or pure boredom: people like to drink to unwind and have a good time. 

But the problem with this kind approach to fun? An epic hangover, of course.

So here are a few weed products to help you deal with the haze and headache the morning after.

Prismatic Plants Good Day Tincture

Courtesy of Prismatic Plants

To combat the proverbial cocktail of anxiety and regret that arrive the morning after a night of debauchery, Prismatic Plants Good Day tincture is a great pick-me-up. In this magic little vial, adaptogens like Schisandra berry, white Chinese ginseng and bacopa meet relaxing cannabinoids CBD and CBDa, resulting in you feeling like a human again. 

Price: $70

Level Hangover Protabs

(Photo courtesy of Level)

Level Protabs are 25-milligram capsules full of cannabinoids that take effect within an hour. By focusing on the isolation of different cannabinoids, Level Hangover Protabs are formulated to deal with everything that sucks about being hungover: THCA and CBD for hangover aches, CBG for that doomsday feeling you get after drinking and Delta-8 for an upset stomach. 

Find it and other Level Blend products on Weedmaps


(Photo courtesy of goodbrands)

CBD is great, but sometimes a hangover calls for a little something extra, and that something is THC. If you find yourself needing relief right now, Goodmints are designed to be fast-acting and low-dose. Available in three CBD:THC ratios (4:1, 1:1 and 1:4), you're covered no matter how hard you went the night before.

Find it and other goodbrands products on Weedmaps

Sonder Vape

(Photo courtesy of Sonder)

The female-owned brand Sonder offers full-spectrum vape cartridges sourced from their mother's farm in the Emerald Triangle where they grow all their own cannabis. Speaking from experience,  hit the SFV OG cartridge to knock out that morning headache. 

— Find Sonder products on their website.

Old Pal Sativa 1/2 Flower Pack 

(Photo courtesy of Old Pal)

A hangover can sometimes be so strong that it calls for a joint. For this kind of hangover, discretion is thrown to the wind — it's better to smell like weed than to succumb to nausea. Old Pal's sativa joint pack is made with pre-ground half ounces of social flower (more affordable without sacrificing a good, fun high) and extra rolling papers. It's ready to go … even if you aren't. 

Find it and other Old Pal products on Weedmaps

Lagunitas High-Fi Hops 

(Gina Coleman/Weedmaps)

While it may be tempting to start drinking immediately in the hopes of combating a hangover — DON'T. For this particularly bleary, “what did I do last night?” morning, a different hair of the dog will serve you better. 

Lagunitas has teamed up with AbsoluteXtracts to bring us High-Fi Hops, the perfect non-alcoholic weed beer. With zero alcohol, zero calories, zero carbs and 10 milligrams of THC, these light and bubblies are sure to help you ascend from whatever layer of hell St. Patrick cast you to. 

Find it on Weedmaps

ALT Liquid Cannabis

For a more discreet yet still drinkable way to confront your impending mortality, ALT (Advanced Liquid Technology) is the look. These 5-milligram tasteless, colorless shots of THC will mix perfectly with your morning gallon of much-needed water. 

— Find ALT products on its website.

Pure Beauty “Babies” Mini Joints

For the times when you want to keep your wits about you but get lost in them too, the beautifully marketed brand Pure Beauty has the answer. Babies are tiny mini-joints that come in a super cool box pack, taking the edge off in style. 

— Find Pure Beauty products on their website.

Barbari Muse Spliff 

With raspberry leaf, peppermint, sage, jasmine flower, and CBD-rich hemp flower, Barbari's CBD Spliffs are the perfect morning-after cure for regret.

— Find Barbari products on their website.  

Ganja Gold King Tarantula Pre-roll

While the wellness approach to dealing with the “day after” is all well and good, getting totally obliterated works just as well, and in many cases, much, much better. When you can't deal with a hangover, sometimes the best medicine is to hit the off button and start over in the morning. If this sounds like the move to you, look no further than Ganja Gold's King Tarantula Pre-roll. This 2 gram preroll is packed with concentrate then rolled in kief. You can try to finish it, but odds are it will finish you first.

— Find it on Weedmaps

Jetty Extracts GDP Dablicator

Think of the Dablicator by Jetty Extracts as a sort of white out marker filled with concentrate capable of erasing headaches, nausea, and the memories of acting stupid til dawn. Simply spin the bottom of this pen and a couple clicks later you'll have a gob of concentrate that's ready to line a pre-roll or go straight into a dab rig. 

— Find it on Weedmaps 

Soul Addict CBD Honey Mama Manuka Mask   

Once you've managed to remove the sickly green tint that 800 shamrock jello shots left on your mouth and tongue, you may realize that your skin, dehydrated from alcohol and pale from months spent inside, looks like shit. The Hakuna Mama Manuka Mask by the female-owned and -operated brand Soul Addict is here to save the day with a PH-balanced cooling superfruit and cannabis-infused raw manuka honey mask that is supposed to promote glowing and healthy skin by repairing the moisture barrier. And it's edible, too!

Find Soul Addict products on their website.

Gaia CBD Tincture 

Perhaps you aren't the type of person to fight fire with fire, or, say, a terrible hangover with more intoxication. If this is the case, your in need of a nice, solid CBD tincture. Gaia CBD delivers a full-spectrum tincture focused on preserving the full array of cannabinoids known as the entourage effect to help handle the fallout from all the fun you and your entourage had the night before. 

— Find Gaia products on their website

Lord Jones High CBD Formula Bath Salts

Lord Jones, CBD allstars championed by A-listers and the glossy mags who love them, have concocted the perfect cure for your case of the post-Paddy's blues, or rather, greens. Relax the body and soothe the mind with their High CBD Formula Bath Salts, a mix of pink Himalayan salt, arnica, magnesium rich Epsom salts, calendula petals and a unique blend of terpenes and essential oils to give you ultimate relief. 

— Find Lord Jones products on their website.

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps