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A guide to parents' night in with weed

October 22, 2019   10:00 am PDT | Updated 3 years ago

The coronavirus has been a challenge to many everywhere, including parents. Parents have been asked to juggle being being full-time caretakers and teachers in addition to their normal responsibilities and other pressures brought on by parenting during a global pandemic.

So maybe a night in with weed from time to time could help parents help unwind for a bit.

As legalization spreads, weed is quickly on the road to becoming a normal enjoyable way to wind down for responsible parents. When it comes to spending the night in and quality time with your children, especially when weed is involved, safety and accountability are paramount. And at that moment your children are safely tucked into bed or under the care of a babysitter, what better way to unwind than with weed after a long day of adulting? 

Go for a product you have always wanted to try — that rolled gold leaf joint patiently waiting for the perfect night, high CBD products that always piqued your curiosity or that edible that has always been calling your name but maybe was a little too pricey. Whatever it is, buy something that makes you feel like you are getting a special indulgence. And lastly, follow this guide to help you navigate a parent's night in with weed and unwind responsibly. 

The Dos:

Get the night started 

You and your partner have had a crazy work week full of deadlines, meetings, and dreadful traffic jams. You've both been mitigating tantrums, a messy house, and the workweek — you both deserve to treat yourself after all that hard labor. Pick up some essentials at the grocery store for your favorite meal. 

Then, swing by the dispensary on your way home. If you don't feel like cooking, opt for delivery and order in your family's favorite food and hop online to order your cannabis delicacies instead. Enjoy a comforting meal with your family and then get the little ones ready for bed or make the transition for them to be watched by a sitter. Once the kiddos are taken care of, it is time to hit the relax button. 

Consume your cannabis in private

Whether you have an adorably chunky 6-month-old baby or busy bodied 4-year-old – consume your cannabis in a private and safe space. Second-hand smoke is not good for children and neither is accidentally dropping cannabis gummies on the floor within reach of curious hands. 

If you want to smoke up or time your edible properly before the children need to go to bed, do it the right way. You and your partner can take turns individually smoking a joint — smoke half the joint while your partner watches the children, then switch roles and leave the joint for the other person to enjoy.

Get creative with it! When the dog needs to go outside, take your pup out and munch on an edible while walking around the yard. Don't have a dog? Take the recycling out to the bin and enjoy a peaceful moment munching on the latest weed brownie. Essentially, any mundane responsibility can be used as an excuse to take some space and enjoy some cannabis. Otherwise, wait till the kids are in bed before kicking back with your weed.

Consume responsibly — know your limit

Enjoying cannabis around your children is no different than having a glass of wine to wind down for the night. Of course, responsibility is key. Getting too high is just as bad as getting too drunk, and that is not a safe state to be in when there is an emergency happening involving your child or your capacity to care for them is impaired.

(Daxiao Productions/Shutterstock)
Enjoying a couples night in with the help of weed is possible, even for parents. It's just a matter of planning the night responsibly.

You want to be sensibly relaxed with the ability to respond to your child and care for them in an accountable manner. Treating 10 milligrams of THC as one serving size as they do in Colorado, is a great way to control your consumption. You don't have to consume all 10 milligrams in one sitting either, as you can break your doses up across a whole evening.

CBD products: an alternative

Maybe consuming 100% THC products isn't your thing around children, and that is okay! You do you, boo. You can still enjoy the benefits of relaxing cannabis products without THC for a night in with weed. Various CBD products can be found across both the cannabis industry and the mainstream health food industry. 

Check out Weedamps' CBD page to find a variety of CBD products that are perfect for your parents' night in. 

The don'ts: 

Don't puff and drive 

This advice seems like it would be painfully obvious to most but some people think that they are capable of being under the influence and driving. Whether it is cannabis or alcohol — just don't get behind the wheel. In case of an emergency where a vehicle is needed, call 911 or go to neighbors for help. This is where having a sitter in the house for the evening while you are at home is great because if anything should go down, you have a sober driver. If you want to get out of the house for a little bit while the kids are asleep and under the care of a sitter, take a walk around the neighborhood or participate in a local activity that is within walking distance.

Don't leave your cannabis products unattended

Another obvious pro tip, but even the most mindful person can forget to put something away. There are numerous safe places in the house to store your stash away from the hands of little ones after your session. Break up your stash into several secret stash spots around the house. The following are simple ideas to keep you and your family safe.

  • Locked exit bags
  • A locked medicine cabinet
  • A locked shelf in the kitchen
  • A locked box positioned on a top shelf in a closet
  • A small cannabis smoking station in the garage (keep the door locked at all times)

Don't get crossfaded

Hanging out with your kids is not the time to mix alcohol and cannabis. Save this combination for when the kids are in a safe environment with a babysitter or family member and you are in a safe environment with other trusted adults. Mixing cannabis and alcohol can cause an unpleasant experience quick.

If you smoke cannabis first and then drink alcohol, your blood alcohol level is lower than if you just drank without cannabis. However, if you drink first and then smoke after, it causes levels of THC in your blood to rise steeply which intensifies your high. 

Now that you know how to settle in and wind down with cannabis, plan the night right by using Weedmaps to find deals and order products directly to you.  

Feature image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps