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The world of cannabis continues to expand in all directions with the first cannabidiol (CBD)-infused activewear. 

Acabada ProActiveWear is the first of its kind, a line of women's apparel infused with muscle-soothing CBD molecules. How does it work? 

With today's technology it seems like anything imaginable is possible, including weaving CBD molecules into premium sportswear fabric. The process, called microencapsulation, uses a patented textile finishing treatment to bond CBD-derived isolate onto the fibers of the fabric. The idea is that over time the molecules break open from friction and come in direct contact with the skin. The CBD molecules are strategically concentrated in areas to target specific muscles, designed to deliver the pain relieving and soothing benefits of CBD proactively. 

It sounds like the clothes will work like other topical CBD products, penetrating the skin directly. It remains to be seen whether the muscles will receive more benefits because of the concentration in targeted areas of the garments, or whether it will work at all.  

Acabada ProActiveWear wants shoppers to return garments once the cannabidiol (CBD) in them is exhausted. Consumers will receive 30% off their next order. (Photo courtesy of Acabada Active)

The company says the current technology allows for 40 high-intensity workouts and wash cycles until the clothes are no longer releasing CBD. Their vision for sustained use is for customers to send the used pieces back to the company for upcycling, earning a 30% discount on the next order of freshly coated clothes.

Since it is the first of its kind, it's unclear how likely customers are to participate in a system that requires them to send and receive packages and constantly repurchase. Another consideration is that each collection will be limited releases, and it remains to be seen whether or not the company will offer an option to re-coat existing pieces instead of customers having to choose new garments each  time. 

The inaugural line of Acabada ProActiveWear, available online for a limited time (until it sells out) and features sports bras, tops, bodysuits, leggings, shorts, and jackets.

Feature image: Acabada ProActiveWear claims it has a patented procedure to infuse cannabidiol (CBD) molecules into its line of tops, pants, and sports bras that release the cannabinoid directly into the muscles. (Photo courtesy of Acabada ProActiveWear)