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As cannabis moves toward broader accessibility and acceptance, many of our parents are coming around to the plant. Maybe the dad or father figure in your life is just becoming canna-curious, or maybe he's a seasoned stoner that taught you everything you know.

Wherever your dad falls on the cannabis user spectrum, this Father's Day is a great opportunity to show him you care with a gift to improve and enhance his weed-inclusive lifestyle.

Here are dad-friendly cannabis products for all who want to give their dad a better weed experience this Father's Day.

Nug Nighttime Flower

If your dad likes to end the day with some dank nighttime flower, give him the gift of Nug. Though the labels Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid are far from reliable in predicting effects, Nug's selection of “Nighttime Indica” strains are very reliable in delivering the body-bake evening effects they promise.

Availability: California

Price: $40 — Find it and other Nug products on Weedmaps

Kurvana CBD Vape Cartridges

For the dad who medicates with cannabidiol (CBD), Kurvana's new line of CBD vape cartridges may be just the thing to heighten his experience with full-spectrum oil extracted from California flower. Choose from one of three natural blends, or get all three to keep Dad's supply robust.

Availability: California

Price: $35-$70 — Find it and other Kurvana products on Weedmaps

Dixie Brand Cannabis Mints

No dad should go anywhere without a handy tin of mints. If you're dad's a stoner, why not give him a mint supply that comes with his good friend, Mr. THC? Another discreet cannabis product for the stoner dad on the go, Dixie mints come in three flavors: Orange Zest Awakening Mints (100 milligrams of THC), Peppermint Relaxing Mints (100 milligrams of THC), and Synergy 1:1 Mixed Berry Mints (80 milligrams each of THC and CBD).

Availability: California, Colorado, Mayland, Michigan, Nevada

Price: $25Find it and other Dixie Brand products on Weedmaps

Mitko — Humboldt Pipe

For the outdoorsy or on-the-go dad, Mitko has crafted a sleek, durable, minimal-lifestyle pipe that's sure to complement any smoker's arsenal. Made from aluminum and stainless steel, respectively, and constructed with minimal, high-quality parts; the Humboldt Pipe is an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean piece of hardware that your dad will appreciate having on hand for some well-timed hits on his next outing.

Availability: United States

Price: $69-$79. Use “CHILLDAD” coupon code for 20% off.

King Palm Blunt Wraps

King Palm's tobaccoless blunt wraps, made from organic palm leaf with corn husk filters, will make a stellar alternative to the traditional blunt for the dad who likes to smoke a delightful fatty. King Palm wraps come prerolled in four sizes ranging from Mini (a half-gram) to King XL (2.5 grams), and they offer a clean, natural flavor and light smoke that Dad will appreciate next time he's enjoying a long toke at the end of a hard day.

Availability: United States

Price: $11-100

Willie's Remedy Whole Bean Coffee and Tincture

The flagship product of Willie Nelson's cannabis brand, Willie's Remedy Whole Bean Coffee comes in 8 ounce. bags infused with up to 250 milligrams of CBD for the dad who likes to wake up to the strum of his own guitar. Putting together a gift basket for your stoner dad? Combine a bag of coffee with the latest edition to Willies's wellness line, Willies's Remedy Hemp Oil Tincture, offered in a variety of doses ranging from 300 to 3,000 milligrams.  

Availability: United States

Price: $30-$36, $48-$300

'Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics: The Art of Spirited Drinks and Buzz-Worthy Libations'

Whether your dad is a cannabis enthusiast or confirmed mixologist (or both), Warren Bobrow's book, “Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics: The Art of Spirited Drinks and Buzz-Worthy Libations,” is a collection of 75 delectable weed cocktail recipes with which he can experiment with throughout the year. Father's Day is always a great opportunity to introduce Dad to a new hobby. With a winning collection of weed-infused cocktail recipes at his disposal, 2019 could be the year your dad becomes the most popular party host on the block.  

Availability: United States

Price: $23

Firefly 2+ Vaporizer

Maybe your dad's a classic stoner who, thus far, has stuck to the tried and true methods of smoking dry flower. There's never been a better time to introduce the veteran stoners in your life to the cannabis consumption options at their disposal. The Firefly 2+ Vaporizer is designed to get the most out of vaporized flower — utilizing a dynamic vaporization system that utilizes multiple temperature points throughout the cycle to vaporize every cannabinoid and terpene in Dad's favorite strain.

Availability: United States

Price: $249

Vessel Vape Battery

If your dad is a vape enthusiast, this Father's Day is the perfect time to up his game. Enter the new battery from Vessel — a sleek, easy-to-use device that provides a swimmingly smooth vapor that your vaping dad will thank you for. Also a featured item in the Bespoke Post collection, the Vessel is an elegant, stylish battery that'll also look great in your dad's hand.

Availability: United States

Price: $100


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