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5 Strains to Smoke While Rewatching 'Game of Thrones'

May 16, 2019   3:59 pm PDT | Updated 4 years ago

For better or for worse, “Game of Thrones” is coming to an end May 19, 2019. Between the unexpected deaths of beloved characters, epic battle scenes unprecedented in modern television, and plot twists reaching the highest levels of mindfuckery, “Game of Thrones” feels more like a rollercoaster ride of emotions than it does a fantasy series.

Due to the intricate plotting of “Game of Thrones” story and character arcs, revisiting some of the show's flagship episodes is a must. But with a show as complex as “Game of Thrones,” this can be somewhat of a daunting task — especially without some bud to keep you as locked in and hyper-focused as Bran.

Weedmaps News goes through some of the best strains to smoke while rewatching the best (and most shocking) moments in “Game of Thrones” series history.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a strain that gives you the best of both worlds — almost as if you've lived in both Westeros and Essos.

The hybrid is a combination of legendary breeder DJ Short's Blueberry F5 and Santa Cruz Haze — and was one of the more popular strains. This is thanks to the wide range of effects many users have reported feeling, which typically include a very uplifting and cerebral high, and some calming effects to makes for an overall euphoric experience.

Smoking Blue Dream would be perfect for watching earlier episodes such as “Winter Is Coming,” “The Kingsroad,” and “Baelor.” It has enough cerebral effects to help you focus on some of the integral parts of the episode, and its body-relaxing qualities will help facilitate your binge-watching needs.

OG Kush

OG Kush is another strain that can help making your second (or third, or fourth ... no judgment) go-around of the fantasy series feel like your first. The strain is a hybrid typically known for its ability to amplify your favorite pastimes, so it's safe to say rewatching “Game of Thrones” falls under the “things OG Kush makes better” category.

Depending on the cultivator, OG Kush can contain THC levels between 18 and 25 percent, but it's typically considered one of the more potent strains out there.

OG Kush's potency is what makes it a great strain for “Game of Thrones.” Typically, colors and sounds become more intensified the higher a smoker gets. If you opt for OG Kush, you might want to refer to a visually stimulating episode (read: an episode with a ton of fiery explosions) like “Blackwater” or the second to last episode, “The Bells.”


If “Game of Thrones” makes you a little more anxious, even upon your second watch, you might want to opt for a strain that contains a little more cannabidiol (CBD)Harlequin is the perfect choice.

The strain itself is about as purebred as a newborn Targaryen. It's made up of three landrace strains — Nepali indica, Thai sativa, and Swiss sativa — and is pollinated by a male Colombian Gold plant. Although it is another sativa-dominant hybrid, it normally gives the user a relaxed, yet focused high, due to its high levels of CBD, typically around eight to 16 percent.

A choice episode for Harlequin would be “The Rains of Castamere,” which features one of the most iconic scenes of the series in the Red Wedding. The plot requires your full-on focus, but if you tend to freak out during high-anxiety scenes (and this episode is chock full of them), you'll still be able to stay calm without getting into too much of a couch-lock. Other Harlequin-friendly episodes include “The Winds of Winter” and “Hardhome.”

Silver Haze

Silver Haze, considered a classic Sativa-dominant strain, is a great option for rewatching “Game of Thrones.”

The original Silver Haze was developed by breeders Scott Blakey (aka Shantibaba), Howard Marks (aka Mr. Nice), and the late Neville Schoenmakers, all of whom re-tooled their original Super Silver Haze — a Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze hybrid — into the sativa-dominant strain we know today.

The reported effects are mostly cerebral in nature. Typically the user will feel energized and uplifted, with a noticeable head rush. This makes Silver Haze perfect for episodes that really make you think, such as “The Laws of Gods and Men,” “Garden of Bones,” or even “The Door,” which tends to jump between different timelines.

Grape Ape

Finally, we get to an indica-dominant strain, Grape Ape. While it's next-to-impossible to find a pure indica strain, the indica-dominant Grape Ape is probably the closest you're going to get.

Apothecary Genetics founder Bret Bogue bred the strain, which comprises a combination of Skunk, Mendocino Purps, and an Afghani landrace indica flower.

The Grape Ape strain normally contains anywhere between 15 and 23 percent THC. However, the high you'll experience is much different than some other heavy-duty THC strains such as the aforementioned OG Kush. With Grape Ape, you'll likely experience couch lock — a “downer” combination of relaxation, calmness, and of course, a little bit of sleepiness. If you go for Grape Ape, you'll probably want to opt for an episode you've seen plenty of times (just in case you doze off) or a battle-heavy episode that has little dialogue and requires less critical thinking.

“Battle of the Bastards,” “The Long Night,” and “The Mountain and the Viper” are a few action-packed episodes you can just sink into your couch and enjoy without worrying that you're missing too much plot.