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Move over family ski trip, there's a new kind of visitor that has commandeered the tourism industry in Colorado. With a well-established adult-use cannabis market in place, Colorado is seeing cannabis tourists flocking from all over the world to enjoy the high-grade cannabis and elevated altitude that the Centennial State has to offer.

As Colorado's capital and most populous city, Denver has become the state's epicenter for all things cannabis. With more than 360 medical and recreational dispensaries, there are Denver has double the number of places to purchase legal weed than Starbucks locations, according to Business Insider.

But that doesn't mean you can consume wherever you want. In fact, many hotels don't allow guests to use cannabis on the property. Many hotels often even deliberately omit a Room 420, for the same reason the Colorado Department of Transportation has a mile marker on Interstate 70 that is 419.99 and not the magic number. They don't want any funny business. Thankfully, there are still a few options for visitors who are searching for a 420-friendly hotel experience in the Mile High City.

Whether you're visiting Denver to celebrate April 20 or looking to stay low-key with a luxurious cannabis excursion, finding a cannabis-friendly place to stay is an integral part of the trip no matter what time of year you choose to visit.

Here are a few popular 420-friendly hotels and homes in the Denver area to help you in your search for the best lodging experience in one of the top tourist destinations for cannabis enthusiasts.

420-Friendly Hotels

National Chain Hotels in Downtown Denver

While most national chain hotels in Downtown Denver don't permit smoking in the rooms, vaping is permitted in some. If you prefer an old-fashioned joint, you might be able to find a place with a 420-friendly outdoor smoking area – though it's unlikely the “420-friendly” part will be openly advertised. If you prefer to stay in a chain hotel during your visit, there are a few local cannabis tourism companies that can lend a helping hand in your search.  

For instance, the Denver-based My 420 Tours allows you to book a hotel through its platform, which comes with a Silver Surfer Vaporizer gift bag, local dispensary coupons, and cannabis lifestyle magazines upon arrival. The company offers booking services for hotel rooms throughout Downtown Denver, many of which are within walking distance of hot tourist spots like the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall, The Colorado Convention Center, Coors Field and more.

“Our 420-friendly hotel model has been negotiated with national chains, where they are consenting to the use of cannabis in their private property. That's the most important piece,” said Danny Schaefer, CEO of My 420 Tours.

Clarion Hotel Denver

The Clarion Hotel in the Globeville neighborhood north of downtown Denver always has an entire floor dedicated to 420-friendly lodgers, so you can smoke your weed however you want. You should call to book a cannabis-friendly room a few weeks in advance, as these accommodations tend to fill up quickly. This hotel is also located right down the street from Fox Cannabis, a recreational cannabis dispensary that will satisfy your cannabis cravings right after you finish checking in. If you happen to be in Denver during the April 20 festivities, Clarion will permit cannabis consumption on some floors.

“Our whole hotel is going to be 420-friendly during the weekend [of April 20]. We're going to ask the customers if they're here for smoking cannabis, if they are we'll try to put them on the higher floors,” said Yazmin Hernendez, a front desk clerk at the Clarion Hotel.

  • Price: Rooms starting at $104 per night
  • Location: 200 W 48th Ave., Globeville

'Bud and Breakfast' Spots

The Adagio

For a warm and homely 4/20-friendly experience, check out some of the acclaimed “bud and breakfast”-style hotels that are spotted throughout Denver's eclectic neighborhoods. Take the Adagio, for example, a 122-year-old Victorian house that has six rooms and a daily “Wake n' Bake Breakfast” for each guest. As you can tell by the lodge's website, this hotel definitely isn't shy about welcoming cannabis enthusiasts into their cannabis-friendly abode.

Photo courtesy of The Adagio

You can't smoke inside, but there are designated smoking areas and a 420-friendly garden to stroll around in while you consume your legally purchased pot. Guests also have access to complimentary 4:20 Happy Hour appetizers, in-room massage services, and other amenities that will have you feeling right at home. Just off of East Colfax Avenue, Denver's main east-west road, and close to Denver's Historic City Park and Cheesman Park, you'll be walking distance from the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum.

  • Price: Rooms starting at $129 per night
  • Location: 1430 Race St., Cheesman Park

Downtown Denver Bud & Breakfast

Want to stay in a 420-friendly ruby sandstone mansion that was built in 1891? The Downtown Denver Bud & Breakfast, located in Capitol Hill, offers eight rooms with a quaint, antique vibe. Rates include gourmet breakfast and local wines each evening. But don't be fooled by this house's old-fashioned interior. This lodge fully accommodates the average cannabis tourist. There are a designated outdoor area and balcony area for smoking cannabis, along with a local dispensary within walking distance. You can also book additional 420-friendly services such as cannabis-infused massages and 420-friendly airport pickup.

  • Price: Rooms starting at $189 per night
  • Location: Address provided with booking

B and B 420

Another option for a “bud and breakfast” retreat in the Denver area is B and B 420, a single-bedroom standalone cottage that is specially designed to accommodate cannabis consumers. This spot is perfect for a romantic getaway or a peaceful, quiet vacation. You can smoke your weed inside the comfort of your room while staring out at the expansive Front Range mountains.

The charming Denver lodge even comes with a daily sampling of flower and complementary paraphernalia, so you can embark on your cannabis journey as soon as you enter the door and drop your luggage. It's run by a lifelong marijuana advocate who wanted to create a relaxing, 420-friendly atmosphere, so leave your worries at home.

“My place is a little different in the fact that I provide guests with a sample. Basically, I'll give a gram or a gram-and-a-half every day,” said Darrel Hoffman, owner of B and B 420. “You're allowed to blaze in the room, and I do provide paraphernalia to use too.”

You can find other 420-friendly “bud and breakfast” lodges and short-term rental properties on Bud and Breakfast or

  • Price: $225 per night
  • Location: 2951 S. Bryant Street, College View

The Ultimate 4/20 Luxury Experience

Luxx Retreat

If you're visiting Denver with a group of friends and want to have an all-inclusive cannabis extravaganza as soon as you arrive, look into booking a stay at the Luxx Retreat. It's a lavish space that is tailor-made for those that want a taste of the luxury cannabis lifestyle.

Photo courtesy of Luxx Retreat

Cannabis consumption is allowed throughout the property. Guests can also enlist in one of the services that Luxx Retreat offers, such as a commercial cannabis grow tour, a CBD-infused oil massage or a black-car service in a consumption-friendly vehicle. This private vacation home is located in the neighborhood of Whittier, just a couple of miles from downtown Denver, Denver Zoo, Denver Museum, Coors Field and Mile High Stadium.    

“What we do is the luxury cannabis lifestyle experience. We have an amazing cannabis bar, we have various bongs, pipes, vaporizers, concentrate rigs, grinders, lighters, literally everything you'd possibly need is here,” said Wyatt Beebe, co-founder of Luxx Retreat.

  • Price: $399 for two people, $50 per additional person
  • Location: 2537 N Williams St., Whittier

Coolest Smoke Spot

Arrowhead Manor

If you prefer to overlook the lush Colorado mountains while you smoke weed, you can head a bit outside of the city and stay in one of the seven rooms at the Arrowhead Manor. You'll be staying at a mansion that has jacuzzis, fireplaces, and private stone baths, making it perfect for a romantic getaway or relaxing retreat with friends.

As for smoking cannabis, guests can consume on one of the private decks, shared patios, or virtually anywhere outside on the property. Best of all, you won't have to worry about driving after consuming, as the Arrowhead Manor provides shuttle services to various local attractions. This manor is worth a look for those who want to enjoy their high-grade cannabis products before heading out to Red Rocks or on a mountainous hike.

  • Price: Rooms starting at $149
  • Location: 9284 U.S, Highway 285, Suite B, Morrison

Correction: April 11, 2019 - An earlier version of the article mentioned a national hotel chain that does not directly offer bookings for cannabis-friendly rooms. We've updated this article to direct readers to the cannabis tourism company that allows people to book cannabis-friendly rooms in national chain hotels and removed the hotel brand, which did not wish to be named.