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Out of a collective desire to order cool shit from the internet and feel the rush of unboxing it at home sprang the monthly subscription box — a service that now seems to serve every niche under the sun. Whatever you're into, there's probably a subscription box for it. Do you like weed? Good news, there's a subscription box for you too … several, in fact.

But here's the big question: Is a subscription box for weed accessories worth it? The short answer is yes, but only if you know ahead of time what type of weed consumer you are and whether the subscription you're interested in has the goods you're looking for. It's also important to know ahead of time that most subscription services out there are for weed accessories only, and don't ship actual bud.

But don't let that dissuade you from the get-go. Ordering a subscription box for weed accessories can help save you time and money if you start by asking yourself these guiding questions:

Does the Box Actually Have What I Need?

A subscription box probably isn't going to be worth your time unless it includes a steady selection of smoking essentials such as rolling papers, lighters, crutches, dab tools, cleaning supplies, etc.

One of the greatest advantages of a subscription box is when it bundles the accessories you most regularly use and brings them to your door in one reliable package. Unless you specifically want it otherwise, a weed subscription box should, at bare minimum, be focused on the basic smoking essentials. A subscription service should also offer different frequency options for delivery — monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, etc. — so you don't end up wasting money by getting too many products you aren't going to use.

Am I Looking for New Ways to Smoke?

A weed subscription box can be very efficient in helping you discover new and helpful ways to consume. If you're new to dabbing, a subscription box may be the most cost-effective way to try it without having to invest a lot of money in a new dab rig upfront. If you're not interested in exploring new ways to smoke, or you're just looking for a monthly subscription of the bare essentials, most subscription services have that option covered.   

Are There Too Many Filler Items?

Don't settle for a subscription service that sends you an overabundance of lanyards, stickers, mugs, or other superfluous items with a tacked-on logo. Take subscription services at their word when they advertise “weed accessories.” They should be accessorizing your smoking experience, not giving you more stuff to take up space in your drawers. If there are more weed-branded “filler” items than useful accessories, or even one or two too many, you're probably not getting your money's worth — especially if the subscription costs $50 or more.

Does the Price Point Match the Quality?

For $25 to $30 a month, most of the top subscription boxes offer a mix of smoking essentials, glass pieces, and connoisseur items valued at  $100 or more. They'll also offer more basic packages that range from $1 to $15, and many subscription services offer higher tier “luxury” boxes, which typically cost anywhere from $80 to $100.


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If you're paying more than $25 to $30 a month for a box, do your research and make sure the products you're getting are actually worth the higher price. Don't spend $100 on a box, for example, if they deliver cheap, factory-produced glassware when you can get better quality at a lower monthly price point.

The Top 3 Weed Subscription Boxes

Now that we've given you a basic guide to buying a weed accessory box, here are three quality to consider should you go the monthly subscription route:


Hemper CEO and co-founder Bryan Gerber told Weedmaps News that the Hemper box began out of a desire to fulfill the supply needs of the average stoner.

Hemper's subscription boxes and product line — which includes products from leading brands, as well as Hemper's own line of glass, grinders, cleaning products and more — reflect Gerber's ethos to deliver a service “designed for and by consumers of this industry.” The company puts a lot of effort into making sure the items in every box are both useful to the end user, and make sense when bundled together. “We scour the internet, we scour brands,” said Gerber, “we scour everything in the industry and we pull in the best products and put it in the box.”

Hemper boxes strike that crucial winning balance between smoke essentials and new smoking-upgrade accessories. Hemper offers three subscription lines:

  • A “Bare Essentials” box for just $0.99
  • Hemper Pack of 7 or more items for $14.99
  • Hemper Box for $29.99

You can also order past boxes, often curated by industry or celebrity collaborators, as a one-time option.

Daily High Club

Arguably the most well-known weed subscription box out there, Daily High Club (formerly Dollar High Club) began in 2015 when CEO and founder Harrison Baum put together a “scrappy website” with $700 worth of accessories.

“Initially, I comprised the box of items I could see myself using. This was a great way to pick up traction, but eventually, the business grew and I realized how many different types of smokers are out there.” Baum told Weedmaps News. “We now use a more data-driven approach to suit the wants and needs of our customers. In addition, we look for fun and novel products that people haven't seen before.”

Daily High Club also offers three subscriptions:

  • The All Natural, a bare-essentials box of rolling papers, filter tips, hemp wicks, and matchbooks for $1 a month.
  • Connoisseur includes all the essentials plus cleaning supplies and new gear for $9.99 a month.
  • El Primo, which includes a new glass piece, as well as the essentials and other new items for $29.99 a month.

Daily High Club's glass selection is one of their major selling points, made up of a steady stream of new designs and celebrity collaborations, such as the popular Chong Train.

Puff Pack

We're rounding out our top 3 with the Puff Pack, a service that excels in delivering stoner essentials. Puff Pack offers the option to edit your monthly subscription so it always includes the essentials that best suit your consuming habits.

  • The Economist box, so you always have a supply of Raw rolling papers, crutches, and matches on hand for $1 a month.
  • Mediator includes other essentials like hemp wicks and lighters, plus a “mystery one-hitter” glass pipe for $12 a month.
  • The Artisan and Mystery Pack priced at $24 and $28 a month, respectively, also offer the essentials with a mix of surprise items and cleaning supplies.

The Premium Club box includes a higher-value glass piece in every box for $90 a month but most stoners will have more time for Puff Pack's other boxes, which offer quality basics within a competitive price range.