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You don't have to be an economics Ph.D. to understand that prices can affect supply and demand. Yet some future doctoral thesis likely will study the many factors, including regulations, testing, and the number of dispensaries, that have made cannabis prices wildly variable in the post-prohibition era.

We're giving all of you future weed academics a research headstart with the second installment of the official Weedmaps price roundup. Our chart, below, shows how two dozen major markets across the United States have priced one of the more popular denominations of flower: one-eighth of an ounce, also known simply as an eighth.  

Eighths are equivalent to 3.5 grams, an amount that may offer a better value than a gram, which is the smallest denomination and seems to vanish in a single bong hit. Think of an eighth like a bottle of wine or beer: It offers several full-size servings, the better to judge the effects and flavors of your selection.

Analysts at Weedmaps, the international listing service for dispensaries and their products, studied dispensary menu prices nationwide and selected a sample of U.S. cities, and one state with a new adult-use market, Massachusetts (California dominates menu listings and skews the sample selection). Analysts then compiled the average price of all currently published menu-item eighths.

This snapshot of average U.S. prices in March 2019 shows a low of $29 in Portland, Oregon, and a high of $52.19 in Anchorage, Alaska. The going rate in Ontario, Canada, is CA$35.51, about $26.60 in U.S. dollars at current rates, the best bargain of the bunch. If you're paying around $38.40 for your eighth, then your cost is smack in the middle of our sample cities.

See how your city compares, below: