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The Houston-based NASA Johnson Space Center made history in 1969 when Apollo 11 flew astronauts to the moon and back.

Serving as Mission Control for all space flights, the Texas center really is the epitome of going high. But getting high is limited to space travel in the Lone Star State because marijuana is currently available only to those with intractable epilepsy, and only with low THC content.

So if you're looking to take a tram tour of the center after torching up — and we're not talking rocket ships — well, you might want to think again.

Where and How to Buy

The Texas Compassionate Use Act required the Texas Department of Public Safety to license at least three dispensaries by Sept. 1, 2017. Weedmaps currently lists locations for Texas medical marijuana dispensaries in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. Delivery is now available in Amarillo, San Antonio, Brownsville, Austin, Dallas, Lubbock, Corpus Christi, El Paso, and Houston.

Low-THC cannabis — less than 0.5 percent THC and more than 10 percent cannabidiol (CBD) content by weight — is available to permanent residents with intractable epilepsy and their caregivers. Registered physicians enter the prescription for their patient in the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT) and patients or legal guardians for those younger than 18 can pick up their medical cannabis or have it delivered from any of the licensed dispensaries. The patient or legal guardian must provide identification, the patient's last name, date of birth, and the last five digits of their Social Security number.

How to Consume

Smoking cannabis is not allowed under the law. Other forms of consumption, such as tinctures, are allowed. Possessing flower cannabis or higher-THC cannabis remain illegal.

What Isn't Allowed

Cannabis with more than 0.5 percent THC is prohibited. Medical conditions other than intractable epilepsy are not covered for cannabis use. Patients who are not permanent residents of Texas cannot participate in the program. Smoking cannabis is illegal. Patients cannot grow their own cannabis. Recreational cannabis use is illegal.

First-Time Use

Legally using cannabis in Texas means you have intractable epilepsy and are using a very low level of THC; no other qualifying conditions are recognized. But if you have never used, even a low level of THC can have an effect. Make sure to ask your doctor and dispensary about what to expect and how it will affect your condition.

Cannabis Legalization in Texas

The Texas Legislature passed the Texas Compassionate Use Act, or SB 339, on June 11, 2015, which legalized the use of low-THC and high-CBD cannabis and permitted licensed dispensary groups to cultivate, process, and sell low-THC cannabis to patients with intractable epilepsy.

The first sale took place Feb. 1, 2018. There are several proposed bills that have been filed in the state Legislature, including HB 63, which would decriminalize possessing small amounts of marijuana, and HB 209, which would expand medical use to include certain debilitating conditions beyond intractable epilepsy.