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Weedmaps Buyers' Guide: Apparel + Accessories

Weedmaps News December 12, 2018   11:20 pm PST | Updated 3 years ago

It's a standard question: What do you get the stoner who seemingly has it all?

Don't stress — now is the perfect time to drop some weed-inspired fashion and culture in your gift-giving. This collection of apparel and accessories includes high-profile marijuana brands and up-and-coming cannabis fashion designers taking over social media. Bonus: These pieces work for all, regardless of gender, background, or level of cannabis experience.

Give the gift of looking fresh with weed-forward apparel and accessories.

Roze Volca Strain Shirt

Love all types of cannabis strains? Gift this casual t-shirt with a pack of assorted pre-rolls for your favorite cannaseur. 

Price: $30

Melodie Perrault 'I Think I'm High' Hoodie

Cozy and cute, this illustrated hoodie is the perfect fit for your stony and artsy best friend. 

Price: $50

Cookies SF Hoodie

Show your Drugstore Cowboy what's good with a Cookies SF Hoodie.

Price: $80

Cypress Hill x Black Sunday Sneaker Collab

The Cypress Hill x Black Sunday sneaker collab radiates cool style to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Black Sunday. Every curve and jagged line is inspired by some aspect of cannabis in these unisex sneakers. 

Price: $210

Nike SB Dunk Low 'Hemp'

If SB's are already on your gift list, step it up a notch with a pair made out of hemp. SB Dunk Low even includes a subtle nod at Rastafari culture with green, yellow and red Nike logos on the tongue, inside sole, and back of the shoe.

Price: Used — $295, New — $450

Fleur Du Mal Bedroom to Boardroom Pant in Papillion Indigo 

High-end French lingerie and other stylish attire brand Fleur Du Mal incorporate cannabis into this beautifully designed silk pant set. 

Price: $295

Online Ceramics Mushroom Town Long Sleeve 

Psychedelic cult brand Online Ceramics is coming straight from the shire with this hippy-dippy, super-trippy Mushroom Town long-sleeved hand-dyed shirt. 

Price: Varies

Pups in Trouble Weather Report Salt Shirt

Hand-dyed, illustrated, and designed by artist Brian Blomerth, famous for his uber trippy, drug-friendly Pups in Trouble series. 

Price: Varies

Besito “Stoned” Crewneck 

This season's hottest vape, Besito, gives new meaning to being “Stoned” with this crewneck sweatshirt. 

Price: $65

Gold Weed Leaf Glasses Chain

Fun, fabulous and under fifty bucks! 

Price: $45

Flower Tee by Edie Parker

A cute albeit expensive nod to cannabis flower from the weed lifestyle offshoot Flower from Edie Parker. 

Price: $95

Patagonia Hemp Canvas Bib Overalls

Patagonia's hemp overalls will have you looking like you grow your own. 

Price: $129

Adidas Essentials Tricot Pants

Whether you spend your days poofing in a penthouse or blazing in a basement, the traditional Adidas joggers are a staple of any modern-day, athleisure-wearing stoner. 

Price: $40

Tie-Dyed Snoop Dogg Shirt

Stoner aesthetics collide with this chill af shirt, reminding us that the most beautiful thing about weed is its ability to bring people together. 

Price: $35

Potboard Park Skateboard

No skatepark is complete without the dude who owns this deck. 

Price: $59.99

Sundae School Purple Haze Socks 

Stoner brand du jour Sundae School's Purple Haze Socks will keep you trippy but not let you fall. 

Price: $15

Broccoli Butterfly BAGGU Tote

This limited edition tote by the uber-hip cannabis magazine Broccoli is cooler than cool and is the perfect fit for groceries, beach day supplies or whatever fits your fancy. 

Price: $19

Old Pal Provisions Bucket Hat 

The “Sharable” cannabis brand Old Pal also has an epic line of merch, i.e.: this bucket hat complete with illustrative stoner art.

Price: $35

Snoop Proof Elusive Smell Proof Fanny Pack

What stoner doesn't want a smell-proof fanny pack?

Price: $39.99

Nike SB Dunk High “Strawberry Cough” 

What came first, the sneakerhead or the swaggy stoner? If you're excited about Nike's upcoming 4/20 release, the “Strawberry Cough” SB Dunk High, you're already too high to care.

By Allena Braithwaite and Lindsay MaHarry. Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps.