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For the second annual pilgrimage to Pipe House for the Weedmaps action sports team, the focus was on relaxation — a chance to bask in Hawaiian paradise while catching some rays and waves. 

Over the course of their trip, athletes from the Weedmaps Surf, Skate, and Motocross teams converged on the cannabis-centric compound to reconnect with friends, compete in the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout and try cannabis products to aid in their recovery.

Whether the athletes needed CBD to recover from a fresh injury or some indica flower to wind down at the end of the night in preparation for early morning swells, there was something for everyone this year at Weedmaps Pipe House.

Billy Kember used the CBD Drip from Eco Sciences faithfully during his stay at Pipe House.

Here are some of the athletes' most loved products (in no particular order), including some honest testimonials from some who needed the products most throughout the trip.

Hawaii has maintained a certain purity in isolation from the rest of the world, and smokers of indica impresarios West Coast Cure's eponymous strain, WCC OG, enjoy the same level of immaculacy thanks to nitrogen-sealed packaging that keeps your flowers fresh until the very moment you're ready to enjoy them.

Weedmaps Skate team rider Boo Johnson experienced firsthand how effective WCC OG really was at diminishing pain and muscle tension in the body, using the cultivar as a comprehensive health plan for the duration of his stay at Pipe House.

“The first joint in the morning had me viewing the beaches through a whole new viewpoint, it was rad."- Boo Johnson

The pungent citrus notes of Spacewalker OG were perfect for island living, so this Paris OG highlight became a fan favorite in the Pipe House. The cross of OG Kush and Skywalker OG is known for mellow full-body effects that pair with intense cerebral pleasure, making it the essential hammock weed at the end of a long day of shredding.

Athletes such as skater Marius Syvanen flocked to Spacewalker OG for its out-of-this-world ability to bring them to euphoric places at warp speed.

The Weedmaps Pipe House experience wasn't all about rest and relaxation, as the entire squad was out stacking clips all day, collecting bumps, bruises, and broken bones along the way. While smoking some flower is a great way to combat the grueling toll on the body these guys take at work each day, CBD can take it to the next level, incorporating additional healing properties into pain relief.

Flav's line of CBD products kept the team feeling great at Pipe House this year.

“I used the Flav CBD salve and the extra strength roll-on topical a lot, actually,'” said pro skater Tommy Sandoval.

Weedmaps Motocross rider Twitch brought his friends from Quality Resources and its prerolled collaboration, Twitch Stixx. The top-shelf joints come in a variety of strains, but the Gelato, Cookies, and SFV OG were especially popular in the Pipe House this year.


In a paradise like Hawaii, exotic strains are a must, so Connected Cannabis came through in the clutch with some of its Guava flower. The pungent hybrid put the whole team in a state of pure bliss.

“The Connected Cannabis products were really freaking good, especially the Guava,” said Weedmaps skater Aaron “Jaws” Homoki. “That strain was great in the mornings trying to get up and go skate, definitely made the trip better all-around.”