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marijuana concentrates

What are CBD concentrates and how do you consume them?


Concentrates are what happen when all the goodies from hemp and cannabis plants are extracted. These concentrates are used to infuse all your favorite non-flower CBD products from gummies and facial serums to vapes and tinctures. That's the short answer and the most technical and...

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glass bong bowl

How to choose the perfect bong bowl piece


Bong bowl pieces can be generic or totally customized to your smoking needs. If you're serious about personalizing your bong, read on for tips on purchasing the right piece to fit your needs, along with the skinny on different price points and styles. A bong...

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smoking with a hemp wick

How to use hemp wick


Hemp wick is a length of twine constructed from hemp fibers that have been coated in a layer of beeswax. When lit, hemp wick acts like a slow-burning candlestick, making it a popular choice for lighting bongs, pipes, and joints. Marketed as a natural, old...

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Moroccan blonde hash brick

What is charas and how do you make it?


From budder and shatter to bubble hash and honey oil, there are many different types of cannabis concentrate. Yet another type of concentrate is charas, the Hindustani word for hash. In this article, we'll journey to India to trace the origins of charas and share...

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