Weed taffy is cannabis concentrate commonly made from rosin, which is created by applying heat and pressure to plant material. (Rosin is the solventless counterpart to resin.) Weed taffy, also known as pull 'n' snap, takes its name from its saltwater taffy-like consistency as well as the method used to make it. Once the rosin is created, it's stretched and twisted to expose it to oxygen, changing the color and creating the soft, malleable consistency. This is the same process used to turn cooked sugar into taffy candy. 

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More about taffy

Cannabis extracts are often named for their appearance, texture, color, and malleability. This is why you'll see extracts with names like shatter, badder, crumble, and sugar.

Taffy is no different. Like other solventless concentrates, it's created when heat and pressure are used to press terpenes and cannabinoids from plant material. Taffy is shiny, golden, soft, and stretchy taffy candy. Like other concentrates, it's prized for its potency and terpene-rich flavors. Taffy is also a favorite because the production process makes it less sticky, easy to handle, stable, and less likely to “auto-butter” over time like some other concentrate textures.

Like all weed products, taffy has historically been thought of as THC-rich. But since it's made from cannabis, and consumers are discovering more of the rest of the cannabinoids in the plant, you may find taffy in a range of cannabinoid concentrations, including high-CBD. 

How weed taffy is made

Taffy starts with a rosin normally, though it can also be made from resin. Rosin is pressed out with a rosin press or DIYers sometimes use hair straighteners. The concentrate is stretched, flipped, twisted, and pulled then folded back over itself and the process repeated. Though it can be done by hand, like old-fashioned candy, it's mostly pulled by machine for commercial production. 

How to shop for taffy

Taffy can be purchased from licensed dispensaries. Because concentrates are one of the most potent forms of cannabis available, taffy doesn't come cheap so do your research on brands you're considering. When considering particular products, read the label and pay attention to the percentage of cannabinoids that matter to you. 

If you're new to taffy, purchasing from a storefront can mean access to expert knowledge on potency and flavor. Budtenders can also offer invaluable tips on how to dose and use taffy effectively.

How to consume weed taffy and other cannabis concentrates

Dabbing is by far the most popular way to consume concentrates and extracts. Because concentrates are more potent than flower, dabbing is known for producing a much stronger range of effects. Additionally, because dabbing vaporizes rather than burns, the flavors and aromas you get from this method tend to be much cleaner and more robust. 

Dabbing sugar follows the exact same process as any other concentrate: heat the nail, place a dab of taffy on it, and inhale the vapor. The key difference with taffy is that it works equally well with a spoon-shaped dab tool as a flat-tipped one. This makes it a more versatile concentrate to use with different tools and nails.

You can also use any vape pen that allows you to dab actual globs of concentrate and doesn't restrict you to using cartridges only.

How to smoke taffy

Like most concentrates, there are several simple ways to consume taffy. In addition to dabbing it like any other cannabis concentrate, you can also easily incorporate it into other smoking techniques.

One option is to add taffy to joints, blunts, or spliffs. Simply roll out a small piece of taffy until it resembles a thin line. Then fill your rolling paper or wrapper with flower and place the line of taffy across the top of the flower. Finish rolling, spark up, and smoke your taffy-infused joint, blunt, or spliff the same way you always do. The flower/taffy combination contains much more THC than flower alone, so plan accordingly.

You can also smoke taffy out of a bong or pipe. Simply pack the bowl with flower, top it off with a bit of taffy, apply heat, and get ready for a sweet treat.

How to store taffy

As with any form of cannabis, properly storing taffy helps maintain its aroma, flavor, and potency, and slows down the natural degradation of the concentrate.

Exposure to high temperatures, moisture, oxygen, and light speeds up the degradation process, damaging THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. If this happens, you may notice your taffy become darker in color. You may also notice it beginning to lose quality in terms of taste, smell, potency, and effects.

The best way to ensure the longest shelf life possible is to store taffy in an airtight, lightproof container, away from direct light and out of extreme temperatures. Glass or silicone is ideal for this. You can buy good storage containers at dispensaries and head shops.

Other types of taffy

Traditionally, taffy has been one of the textures of cannabis concentrates, alongside budder, shatter, wax, and others. But the advent of legalization has led to a proliferation of cannabis-infused edibles, including actual taffy candy. Dixie Brands and Cheeba Chews are two commercially available fruit-flavored, weed-infused taffy candies.  

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