Propane Hash Oil (PHO)

ˈprō-ˌpān ˈhash ˈȯi(-ə)l | Noun

Cannabis extract created with propane as the primary solvent used during the extraction process. Propane Hash Oil is most commonly referred to by its initials, PHO, and is often bright yellow in color which leads to its alternate name of Propane Honey Oil


I just need a little of this Propane Hash Oil  to give me a good hit.


Propane Hash Oil is my go-to concentrate when I want to dab.

What Is Propane Hash Oil?

Propane Hash Oil is a type of cannabis concentrate that generally has a budder consistency. PHO concentrate is a potent form of cannabis requiring smaller amounts to deliver the desired results. 


The difference between Propane Hash Oil and Butane Hash Oil has to do with boiling point. Propane has a lower boiling point than butane, which affects the consistency of cannabis and makes it richer in terpenes. So, while PHO may have a buddery consistency, BHO will be more likely to have a shatter consistency. PHO cannabis, then, will be softer and oilier than BHO, which may be more brittle or glass-like. 


One similarity between PHO and BHO is that they are both made with solvents during the propane extraction and butane extraction process. BHO and PHO extraction result in wax, a type of marijuana concentrate. PHO wax is stickier than typical marijuana wax, with its signature budder consistency somewhat like actual butter. 


Finally, propane is slightly more expensive than butane; either or a combination of both gases can be used to make hash oil. 

How to Make Propane Hash Oil

The process of making Propane Hash Oil may take several weeks and involves vacuum purging the solvent extracts, which causes the oil to separate. During the process, the PHO will have the appearance of crystallized honey.