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1101 Hamilton St #257 Allentown, PA 18101 - Doctor

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Allentown Doctor - ReVitaJuve Health and Wellness

About Us


ReVitaJuve Health and Wellness offers Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Allentown


Allentown residents who seek healthier and happier lifestyles can now obtain medical marijuana recommendations through ReVitaJuve Health and Wellness’ phenomenal evaluation clinic. ReVitaJuve specializes in patient-first care; its staff takes pride in assisting patients in achieving wellness and balance in their lives.


ReVitaJuve Health and Wellness’ functional medicine offerings include various hormonal therapies geared toward holistic relief and tranquility; with its new medical marijuana recommendation and renewal service, ReVitaJuve has everything covered. The ReVitaJuve staff steadfastly believes that we should enjoy life, which is why Dr. Kimberly Jean has dedicated her career to helping folks find happiness. Dr. Jean has taken Pennsylvania’s health care a step forward by providing patients with a space in which they can discuss their chronic conditions with a provider who listens and understands. Dr. Jean is personable, compassionate, and empathetic. Not only does she hear her patients out, she provides them with invaluable medical cannabis education including information about its cultivars and its modes of consumption. Medical marijuana’s myriad options can often overwhelm new patients, but Dr. Jean has found that empowering patients with knowledge allows them to make healthier choices for their health moving forward.


ReVitaJuve’s wonderfully personalized and knowledgeable care ranks it a league beyond the competition. For exquisite care and thorough relief in Allentown, choose ReVitaJuve.


Local Legislation:
Medical cannabis laws in Allentown state that patients must be plagued by a debilitating or chronic condition including severe or chronic pain, PTSD, autism, or epilepsy, among many others. For a complete list, contact the helpful folks at ReVitaJuve Health and Wellness today.


To acquire a medical marijuana recommendation with ReVitaJuve Health and Wellness in Allentown, patients first must register with Pennsylvania’s Patients and Caregivers Registry to create a patient profile. Patients must then contact ReVitaJuve to schedule a consultation, where a state-certified cannabis doctor will assess qualified patients with medical marijuana recommendations. Once patients have a recommendation, they must return to the Patient and Caregivers Registry to pay for a medical marijuana ID card. When patients have their state-issued ID cards, they may access their treatments legally across the state.


Service Locations:
ReVitaJuve Health and Wellness services all of Allentown, from Westwood Heights to Bethlehem and everywhere in between. Patients have driven in to visit with Dr. Jean from as far out as Northampton or Coopersburg. From Reading to Easton, Dr. Jean’s stellar reputation for personalized care stands as a beacon of hope; for those in search of better tomorrows, schedule an appointment today!


Location Information:
Allentown locals recommend Coca-Cola Park off Iron Pigs Way. Not only is the atmosphere electric, but the park’s food is legitimately tasty -- just be sure to bring some sunscreen! The Allentown Fish Hatchery is a bit of an odd spot for an afternoon jaunt, but you’ll find this park and its fish hatcheries to be educational, fun, and relaxing.

9:00am -  5:00pm
9:00am -  5:00pm
1101 Hamilton St #257
Allentown, PA, 18101
Member Since
November 1st, 2017

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ReVitaJuve Health and Wellness

Highly recommend!

Straight forward, painless, no nonsense visit. Scheduled online, got in the following week. Was seen within seconds of arriving. Went over medical records that I had faxed to her office (took about 5 days for her to receive). Whole appointment took about 10mins., from entering her office, to walking out. Went home, looked on PA gov site, My account, and certification from her was in there, I then paid the PA MMJ program fee of $50. Now just waiting to receive my MMJ card. $200 cash for the visit, $50 to the state. Well worth every penny to receive natural pain relief. Thank you Dr. Jean Kimberly, Highly recommended!

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