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Santa Isabel Doctor - Island Med

First-Time Patients

Medical Marijuana Cards 100% Online
1. Go to our Website
2. Fill out Online Forms
3. Pay
4. Doctor Evaluation
5. Medical Certificate in 5 minutes
6. Go To Dispensaries


If you are a foreign visitor with a State Issue Id or Passport, you will get a medical cannabis certification by a certified doctor in Puerto Rico which is accepted in all dispensaries. A printed copy can be send by mail if requested for an additional fee. In 5 Minutes you are ready to go to a dispensary and BUY some Medical Marijuana. Enjoy!!!

If you are a PR resident, you will get a medical cannabis recommendation by a certified doctor and a license application. Once uploaded into the system, we will process the paperwork with the PR Health Department so you can get your card. Once the card is issued, you will have to pick up your card in person as requested by the Health Department.

About Us

Island Med Provides Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Santa Isabel

Residents of Puerto Rico and travelers alike, Island Med has arrived to offer online medical marijuana recommendations from Santa Isabel all the way to Arecibo and even Ponce. The incredibly compassionate staff of Island Med strives to ensure each patient for whom they care walks away happier and healthier. Convenience, comfort, and compassion are paramount to Island Med, so they’ve opened their digital doors all across Santa Isabel and the rest of Puerto Rico to any and all prospective patients.

If you’re preparing for a trip to Puerto Rico, Island Med can get you situated even before your arrival. 

Island Med has heavy discounts and deals in the works: seek a medical cannabis recommendation with Island Med and receive up to 25% off medical cannabis dispensary purchases. With more than 30 state-approved cannabis doctors on staff holding medical pedigrees spanning nearly two decades, Island Med is ready to handle their patients’ every need from Santa Isabel to San Sebastian.

Resident Procedure:
Island Med has made the medicinal marijuana recommendation process simple for residents of Puerto Rico. First, patients who live in Puerto Rico must register with Island Med, fill out a health questionnaire, and then pay the doctor’s fees. Next, doctors will contact patients to verify their medicinal marijuana eligibility. If successfully verified, patients may then immediately access their medicinal marijuana recommendations online. (Note that Island Med will then provide these patients with pre-filled license applications.)  Patients must then wait for the Department of Cannabis to issue their state-issued cannabis ID cards. Once the card arrives in Island Med's Office, patients may then legally access dispensaries across Puerto Rico.

Non-Resident Procedure: 
Traveling patients should first bring or upload their state-issued ID or Passport and Island Med  doctor will approve and verify and validate your medical condition. Then, patients must take this approved and verified documentation directly to dispensary to buy their medicine.  

Local Legislation:
Puerto Rico legislation states that as of January 2017, dispensaries are allowed to operate throughout the island. Legal forms of consumption include flower, oils, capsules, extracts, topicals, and edibles. Tourists are not allowed to take their medicinal marijuana treatments out of Puerto Rico and patients are only allowed to purchase a 30-day supply. 

Service Locations:
Island Med proudly services any and every Puerto Rican municipality. In Santa Isabel, from the shores of Playa Cortada to the sands of Hacienda Palés, Island Med’s stellar staff and compassionate service welcomes patients with warmth. Locals and travelers staying in Hacienda Altura and Cayures may conveniently access Island Med’s services from any location. Visiting El Ojo just off the 52? Be sure to check out Island Med’s robust online portal to access quick and easy medical marijuana recommendations.

Location Information:
Puerto Rico’s Santa Isabel is home to a number of fantastic seaside restaurants including Sea Angel’s where you can enjoy some of Puerto Rico’s most delicious lobster dishes set against idyllic sunset backdrops. Carnaval, Sunset Bar & Grill, and Famous Dave’s also rank highly with the locals. For travelers looking to experience the peerless beauty Puerto Rico has to offer, Punta Cayito and Río Cayures present wonderful swimming spots for all to enjoy. Regardless of location, if you find yourself anywhere in Santa Isabel, just head south to find coastline worth celebrating.

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