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Dr. Kenneth Winokur

1817 S 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19148 - Doctor

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Philadelphia Doctor - Dr. Kenneth Winokur

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Dr. Kenneth Winokur now offers Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Philadelphia


Residents of Philadelphia who are searching for alternative pathways to balance and wellness can now obtain medical marijuana recommendations through Dr. Kenneth Winokur. He approaches his patients with open arms and an open mind; he understands how important it is to have a conversation with his patients, to allow them time to ask questions and voice concerns about medical marijuana. Further still, he provides his patients with medical marijuana education so they understand which treatments are most and least effective for them.


Dr. Kenneth Winokur, a deeply experienced internal and family medicine doctor, knows how to make his patients feel comfortable and at ease. His one-on-one consultations aren’t just informative, they’re life-affirming. He even encourages his patients to follow up should they need help modifying their individual treatment plans.


Local Legislation:

Medical marijuana legislation in Pennsylvania states that patients must suffer from a debilitating condition that results in severe nausea, PTSD, pain, or appetite loss, among other conditions, in order to qualify for medical cannabis use. Pennsylvania also requires that each of its cannabis patients register with the Patients and Caregivers Registry before purchasing treatments.



Dr. Kenneth Winokur has streamlined the procedure of acquiring a medical marijuana recommendation for his patients in Philadelphia. First, he encourages each of his patients to gather pertinent medical documentation from a primary care provider. Then, patients should log online to create a profile with the state’s Patients and Caregivers Registry. When these preliminary steps are complete, patients should then contact Dr. Winokur to schedule an appointment, during which he will assess qualified patients with medical marijuana recommendations.


To complete the process, patients must finish their registration with the Patients and Caregivers Registry to receive important registry identification. When patients have a recommendation and registry ID, they can legally and safely purchase treatments across Pennsylvania.


Service Locations:

Dr. Kenneth Winokur’s office is located on South 2nd Street as it crosses McClellan Street. Patients from all across Philadelphia head down to Pennsport to receive Dr. Winokur’s excellent medical care. Regardless of your neighborhood in Philly, Dr. Winokur’s depth of knowledge and tremendous heart make the cross-city trek to receive his care worth it.


Location Information:

One of the most fascinating spots in Philadelphia is the Eastern State Penitentiary. Technically the world’s first “true” penitentiary, Eastern State is known for its breathtaking architecture and historic prison population. Tour its innards to take a peek back in time. Another of Philadelphia’s must-visit spots is Independence Hall along Chestnut Street between 5th and 6th Streets. Both the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were signed in Philly’s historic Independence Hall.


10:00am -  10:00pm
10:00am -  10:00pm
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10:00am -  10:00pm
10:00am -  10:00pm
10:00am -  10:00pm
10:00am -  10:00pm
1817 S 2nd St
Philadelphia, PA, 19148
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November 16th, 2017

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