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104 Ridgely Ave, Suite 302 Annapolis, MD 21401 - Doctor

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Annapolis Doctor - Annapolis Family Medicine

First-Time Patients

First-time patients of the clinic should bring at least one year's worth of medical records detailing the medical condition for which they're seeking a medicinal cannabis certification.  Payment is due in full at the time of the consultation.  There is no need to bring records if you are already an established patient of Annapolis Family Medicine.  At your initial consultation, you will be asked to review and sign a patient contract, which the certifying provider will discuss with you.


Happy New Year!

Annapolis Family Medicine's Medicinal Cannabis clinics will be held on the following Saturday's in January, by appointment only:

Saturday 1/20/18 from 10am-2pm

Saturday 1/27/18 from 8am-12pm

Give us a call to schedule your appointment today! February 2018 clinic dates will be posted shortly.

About Us

Welcome to Annapolis Family Medicine's Medicinal Cannabis program!  We look forward to participating in your health care. 

Our philosophy as a family practice centers on providing the very best medical care for the whole patient.  Increasingly, patients are open to hearing about what alternative options are available for them for treating certain medical conditions.  We are happy to offer this therapy for appropriate patients. 

Medicinal cannabis has been approved in the state of Maryland for treatment of the following conditions:

-PTSD and resultant anxiety/depression, glaucoma, seizures, severe or chronic pain, severe or persistent muscle spasms, cachexia or anorexia, or any other condition which causes severe and persistent pain

The initial consultation is $190, and we mandate a six-month follow up to ensure you're doing well with this therapy- this six-month follow up is $90.  Then we see you at the 1-year mark and annually after that to maintain your certification.  These annual visits are also priced at $190.  

Please contact us if you would be interested in learning more, and to find out if you qualify for use of medicinal cannabis.

Our family practice and registered providers for cannabis recommendation are Dr. William Dabbs, Amy Ricker CRNP-F, and Kastle Donovan, CRNP-F.

During your cannabis consultation, which typically last 20-30 minutes, we spend time reviewing your medical records to determine if you're a candidate for this therapy.  We review what type of product you should use, and then with your input and after careful review of your medical history, we determine the best route of administration for you, discuss product concentration, dosing amount, and dosing frequency.  Through this consultation and evaluation we feel we can safely come up with a treatment approach, and we bring you back in six months to follow up on this plan.  If you're not seeing improvement by that time, we re-evaluate the treatment plan and adjust it as needed. 

A patient contract will also be reviewed and signed at the time of the initial consultation. 


8:00am -  5:00pm
8:00am -  5:00pm
8:00am -  5:00pm
8:00am -  5:00pm
8:00am -  5:00pm
8:00am -  12:00pm
104 Ridgely Ave, Suite 302
Annapolis, MD, 21401
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October 12th, 2017

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