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Vermont Patient Alliance

River St. Montpelier, VT 05602 - Dispensary

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Montpelier Dispensary - Vermont Patient Alliance

About Us

Vermont Patients Alliance, Inc. operates a vertically-integrated Cannabis research center, including cultivation and dispensing in Montpelier, Vermont. VPA was the first dispensary to open in the state in June of 2013 and has quickly established itself as a leader in Vermont’s emerging Cannabis industry.
Social responsibility, sustainability and science are integral to VPA’s mission.
VPA’s innovative technology includes the production of organic plant-based pharamaceuticals. Our Cannabis cultivation center utilizes natural sunlight, as well as environmentally-controlled growth chambers. VPA’s products are tested and analyzed for contaminants and cannabinoid content. The result is premium quality medicine that is consistent in quality and potency.
VPA manufacturers a wide range of Cannabis-infused products.
There are many options for patients who prefer not to smoke. VPA offers a Cannabis edible line including cookies, brownies, lozenges, truffles, salted-caramels, gum drops, infused honey, and more. We also offer herbal tinctures and syrups, CBD and THC capsules, and topicals. Concentrates such as hash, CO2 Oil, and Rick Simpson Oil are available for patients looking for the most potent medicine.
VPA’s dispensary is open to registered patients and their caregiver by appointment only. Delivery is offered daily. Click here to learn more about our statewide Cannabis Delivery Service. To make an appointment or request a delivery, please call 802.225.6786 or email us

9:30am -  4:00pm
9:30am -  4:00pm
9:30am -  4:00pm
9:30am -  4:00pm
9:30am -  2:00pm
River St.
Montpelier, VT, 05602
(802) 225-6786
Member Since
April 26th, 2016

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Bud Quality

Am I really the first to write a review?

Medical Weed has been legal in vt since 2004 but the political systems historic tradition of stigmatizing substances has made consumer access to clear up to date information to be a serious social challenge to navigate.

Ive been on medical leave for nine months on a journey of coping and recovery. I have the privledge and ability to use medicaide and medicare health insurance to cover the cost of particpating plan doctors. I met with about ten different doctors, some more specialized and some more general care focused. I received excuses of why i was hearing "no" from every one except my gynocologist: who was also the only female doctor i had at the time. She was willing to write on my card application what everyone already knew; i have a general chronic pain condcondition.

This was the closest dispensory to me. They are super stealth incognito without any storefront signage but close to the train station.
I think the price is fair.
I bought two hybrid samples (indica and stevia) plus a bank bag lock container for $7£

The smell, decor, info, candy, and professionalism was all good.

I was thrown off that my consultant hadnt tries the products theirself but then i realized what a double standard the judgement of her lack of "understanding and familiarity" was with the merch/meds.

I dont expect a pyschiatrist or any doctor to have personally taken every perscription they may suggest to patients. So why would i in this situation? Especially since they could be incriminalized for admitting useage if they didnt have the privledge to jump through the hoops to qualify for a piece of plastic card.

This establishments existence is a controlled and monitored revolution. I hope one opens and occupies white river junction vt soon as well.

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