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    Marijuana dispensaries  in Ketchikan, AK

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    Cannabis Dispensaries in Ketchikan, Alaska

    Though Ketchikan, Alaska, does have a few permanent residents, the city is largely a destination for unparalleled outdoor recreation -- and recreational cannabis use, too. Alaska has permitted personal cannabis consumption for decades, but as cannabis laws have changed in recent years, visitors and residents would do well to learn the current regulations. 

    Cannabis Laws to Know in Ketchikan

    Technically, Alaska has long looked the other way when it comes to adult cannabis consumption. In 1975, the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that the possession and use of small quantities of cannabis by an adult on private property is legal, given certain rights to privacy. As a result, Alaskan authorities rarely acted against inobtrusive cannabis consumption by adults.

    Today, Alaskans have approved both medical and recreational cannabis policies. In fact, Alaska was among the first states to enact a legal medical marijuana program in 1998, and in 2014, Alaska became the first predominantly conservative state to permit legal, adult-use cannabis sales. Dispensaries in Ketchikan popped up soon after. 

    Recreational and Adult-Use Cannabis

    Alaskans have been trying to permit the legal recreational use of cannabis since 1975, with Rain v. State, but in 2014, with Measure 2, Alaskan voters finally succeeded in legalizing adult-use cannabis. In Ketchikan, adults aged 21 and over can purchase and possess up to an ounce of dry cannabis flower, which must be procured at a Ketchikan dispensary licensed and regulated by the state. Adults can also purchase up to 7 grams of concentrates or any cannabis products with fewer than 5.6 grams of THC.

    Medical Marijuana

    In 1998, voters passed Measure 8, which permitted the use of cannabis for the treatment of health conditions given doctor recommendation. Medical cannabis users have the same possession limits as recreational users, but adults 18 and older can apply for medical marijuana access.

    At the time and for years afterward, no provision was made for providing medical marijuana patients with a safe and legal way to procure their cannabis treatment. Today, medical cannabis users must register and receive a card, but dispensaries in Ketchikan, Alaska, rarely service medical users alone. Instead, those using Medical Marijuana Registry (MMR) cards will most often visit a recreational Ketchikan dispensary to fulfill their treatment needs.

    How to Get a Medical Marijuana (MMR) Card in Ketchikan

    Before a medical user can register with the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, they must receive a diagnosis of a condition that qualifies them for medical cannabis access and obtain a doctor recommendation. This recommendation must come from an Alaska-licensed physician who has physically examined the prospective user within 16 months.

    Next, medical users must mail physical copies of their application — available on the MMR website — and photo ID to the Department of Health and Social Services. Applications require a fee of $25, which pays for registration processing.

    After about five weeks, users will receive their card in the mail and be qualified to visit a Ketchikan dispensary to purchase medical marijuana products. If a user’s application is rejected, they need to wait six months before applying with a new physician’s statement.

    Where Is it Legal to Consume Cannabis in Ketchikan?

    Though Alaska seems progressive with its longstanding acceptance of private cannabis consumption, the state continues to prohibit public cannabis use. Using any cannabis product in view of the public warrants a $100 fine, so it is advisable to consume weed only on private property with landowner permission — or in a Ketchikan dispensary. Dispensaries that permit onsite consumption often offer lounge-type accommodations, which ensure that users feel comfortable and have the opportunity to socialize with other cannabis customers.

    Cannabis Cultivation Laws in Ketchikan

    Registered medical users and adults over 21 are legally allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants at home with three plants actively flowering; in households with more than one of-age adult, the cultivation limit is 12 plants with six flowering. Any cannabis harvested from home-grown crops can be possessed inside the home, and growers can give away up to an ounce at a time. However, cannabis crops cannot be grown within view or access to the public, which means indoor cultivation only is permitted.

    How to Buy Cannabis at a Ketchikan Dispensary

    Ketchikan dispensaries are typically open from around 10AM to 8PM. Ketchikan does not permit home delivery of cannabis products, but some dispensaries do offer curbside pickup within hours of operation. Bringing cash to a Ketchikan dispensary is wise, though more dispensaries are beginning to accept non-cash payments.

    How Much Does Cannabis Cost in Ketchikan?

    Prices can vary depending on the season and the quality of bud available, but users can usually find a gram of dry flower for between $15 and $20 at a Ketchikan dispensary. Cannabis concentrates and other processed products, like vape cartridges, will cost more.

    Cannabis Taxes in Ketchikan

    Alaska is unique in that it does not place additional sales or excise taxes on cannabis purchases. Instead, cannabis growers are subject to taxes when they sell or transfer their product. Tax revenues from cannabis go into the state’s general fund, which helps pay for various projects and initiatives around Alaska.

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