Herbal Choices

4.6 stars by 38 reviews
dispensaryCharleston, Oregonrecreational
(541) 808-3840
Closed 9:00am - 9:00pm

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4.6 stars

Love them!!

These guys are great! We went to get a pen today and weren't paying attention and got a cartridge instead. We went back in like confused stoners, and were given the battery and rest of the pen for free! Always great products and I've never had a bad experience.


year after year they still NEVER disappoint

Great selection

My family and I moved here about 3wks ago from Louisiana, and the staff here have been so awesome and kind and are super knowledgeable! Their inventory selection is amazing!

Kind and helpful staff

I moved here about six months ago and have quite a lot of social anxiety, the staff at this store have been so patient and kind with my family and myself while we get comfortable around here. There are also always great deals available, and pretty much all around great quality medicine from top to bottom shelf. I can't wait to support this location further. Thank all of you for your kindness!

Kinda upset

Your guys close times is 10 pm I showed up at 9:50 trying to get a joint since I just got off u guys have great herb and great customer service kinda upset because I had a shitty day and your guys herb brings me to my happy place and you weren’t there to help.
Herbal Choices
Coos Bay
The Charleston and Bandon Store both close at 9pm. The Coos Bay location is the only one open until 10pm. Hours are listed on the weedmaps info section. I apologize for any confusion, and assume you went to the Charleston location since you left the review on that store.
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Great place!

I was impressed by the cleanliness, the many choices, and excellent customer service.

LOVE Herbal Choices!!!

I just want to say, the only dispensary I will visit is Herbal Choices. The customer service is always amazing. Super friendly people! SO many options from weed, to edibles, cartridges, you name it. Not only do I come here for the product, but I come here for the people. They make you feel so welcome and I always leave with a smile and laugh. You guys are awesome!!!

Ridiculous requirements

I bought in the past a quarter pound of flower a couple of months ago when I walked into the store and they had a sale.. Today I went back to purchase same amount & was told I had to order the 1/4 pound, pay then come back another day to pick it up!..RED FLAGS go up since it's a cash business and easy to rip people off!..Plus the additional gas!. Warning Everyone!
Herbal Choices
Coos Bay
We apologize for your experience. while we do at times need time to prepare a 1/4 pound order It is NOT out policy to ever ask for payment prior to the patient receiving the product. Please reach out to the store manager at 5418081481 to provide more details about this. Our point of sale wont even allow us to take pre payment. Please respond to our store manager so he can handle this situation.
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they got it all

these guys are on fire biggest selection best prices and the best stuff in town definitely worth checking out either there places can't wait till they come to Bandon

Outstanding prices and customer service!

Spent the week checking out shops in the area. These guys have it figured out. Huge selections. Good tenders. And killer prices. Highly recommend to anybody. Their $6-$3 grams are nice and the top shelf selection is SOLID. Keep it up guys!

My favorite

Very reasonable prices here on flower. Lots of other types of products (LOTS) Staff very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly! Great atmosphere. Love it!

good price

best price in town

A quaint lil weed store.

If you find the wall to wall cases intimidating, look no further. HC Charleston is a comfy little store with fun, friendly staff. This isn't a weed Wal-mart, it's more like a friendly neighborhood weed store. So if you're looking to relax on one of Oregon's beautiful beaches, you're no more than a hop, skip and puff away at Herbal Choices.

best dispensary is coos county

literally the best in coos county. both shops are easily accessible, good product and awesome staff. i mean who else has weed grown by a comedian celebrity? lol they have my business forever.

average best

the choices are average at best. the quality is week. why can't any dispensary get over 34 percent.

Never disapointed

we stopped by after their sister store in town told us directions to the beach. Between these 2 shops there is no need to go any places else

Most upscale dispensary in the county!

I am always more than pleased with my experience at Herbal Choices, either location (Coos Bay or Charleston)! The staff is always happy, friendly, and accommodating to their customers needs and wants! A huge thank you to Herbal Choices for continuing to be a consistent dispensary, with quality products and staff! I love that their budtenders are so knowledgeable and if they don't know, they will find out for you or point you in the right direction. Once again, THANK YOU HERBAL CHOICES FOR BEING THE BEST DISPENSARY(IES) IN COOS COUNTY!!!!! Round of applause because you folks know how to run a great business!

year past due

got some pre rolls, good enough price, great service, but the edible hard candy did nothing for me.

they sell the same stuff for a different price

during lunch one day I went to The Dispensary to see if they could have any deals going on or something special or see if they possibly had something that I haven't seen before when it ended up seeing was this strain called Gorilla Glue that I bought from a different dispensary for $6 a gram at a higher THC and then I went there and I saw the same strain at a lower THC at a higher price the only thing that made me mad about it everything else would pretty good especially if you're local and have nowhere else to go just watch out when you're getting ready to pay there

Excellent service and selection

Herbal Choices is my favorite place to purchase my medication. If you are new to cannabis try them first. :)