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dispensaryAnchorage, Alaskarecreational
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Closed10:00am - 12:00am

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3.6 stars

Love the peeps

Everyone’s dope. Store is inviting af

great shop

got to visit for my first time today. they hooked me up! love the shop layout, budtenders were great! one of my go to shops when I'm in town.


this is the only store i buy prerolls at. mostly because of the $5 joints (like that word better). This time they checked to make sure my containers had joints in them. the weed has also gotten better. one ? do all your employees smoke and do you share the tips or just buy a big bag and split it? (i might be high af!)

5 star

the name alone is badass, PLUS killer customer service - prices and products! one stop shop for sure


Visited this place and came out very underwhelmed and missing my local shops. The selection of bud itself was minimal with only 1 sativa strain. The pre rolls had a similar problem and actually had no sativa dominant strain available. Add to that a rather slow check out while waiting behind one person who was paying. I wont be a repeat customer. Gave it 2 stars instead of 1 for decent prices.

Dope, but lame

Dankorage is a classic and can’t help but love the name of the store, but their customer service is trash. They don’t seem to care about anything. I bought as much merch as I can just so I don’t have to go back in, soft and comfy sweaters!


I like how they are always helpful.

good prices

good shopping experience every time so far 😁

Bad experience overall, rude staff. Will go somewhere else in town.
We're sorry you had a bad experience, and hope you make it back to give us a second chance. We respect all of our customers and strive to meet their needs. To make it right, we'd like to offer you a special 25% off discount next time you're in, just show this review to you budtender.
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missing pre rolled/trim(shitty joints)

I bought 3 pre rolls for $5 each. One of the containers was empty. Very disappointing. Honestly how hard is it to put a joint in a container? Also it would be nice if you guys actually used buds instead of trim. I have been visiting your shop because you are very close to my house. But I am going back to my all time favorite. Very disappointing. And I like your prices on pre rolled but if I buy 3 I expect 3 not 2 and a empty container and better weed used. Also all the joints I bought were harvested on 10/26/2018
We're sorry about the empty tube, mistakes can happen when you fill 1,000's at a time we hope you understand. To make it right, next time you're in show this review to a staff member for a 25% discount. Whenever something like this happens please let us know immediately and we'll be sure to make the situation right. Very rarely do we roll our own joints, typically we purchase them the same way you do (pre-rolled). Our menus always show which pre-rolls are made from flower and which are made from trim; and if you ever have a question please don't hesitate to ask. It's important our customers are informed and know what they're purchasing. While we do carry a few trim prerolls, whenever we roll our own joints we use small batches of selected flower.
Official Response

Rude budtender

I’ve been into Dankorage probably 10 times in the last year. Normally they’re a bit overpriced but ok overall. I got a tex talking about a new improved loyalty program, and tried to use my points. I arrived they told me I had to make a purchase first to link the new accounts which wasn’t too big of a deal but the way the budtender talked to me like I was a child who didn’t know the inner workings of their rewards program. I had told her I had an $8 reward if I remembered correctly, she told me that was, “Fake News”. Obviously I didn’t know how the new one worked because it was new to everyone, she was rude pushed me to buy something, anything so I could like the account. I decided not to buy anything and walked out...very rude terrible experience, won’t be going back.

Title On Weedmaps

The inventory and specials are never listed on Weedmaps. 😞

There are better places in town

First time I went I got some pre-rolls and one of the pre-rolls were empty the guy I told just shrugged he’s shoulders and walked away. I went to the lady that checked me out and she got it taken care of, but I had to stand around almost 15mins waiting for that happen and nothing extra for my time or the inconvenience. My 2nd time in the bud tender kinda pushy about what they want you to buy. Just seen on their IG page they have rewards program, but not one mention of that at the store. They are very expensive with small selection. Only reason I go here at times is bc they have a card you can put money on with a Credit card instead of cash.

very nice fast good smoke. Any they save money.

They nice sales and very good what kind smoke your getting.


The prices are low and the weeds alright, but the customer service sucked. Probably won't be returning.

For the most part the staff's friendly

This was my 2nd Dispensary ever! And I'm new to Alaska! I like the prices at Dankorage much more compared to Enlighten Alaska. Yet Enlightens staff seems more knowledgeable and confident. But overall, it definitely gets the job done! The budtenders are friendly for the most part, some standoffish. But again, I'm happy, High, and Hungry so I'm satisfied. 😊

Seriously suck at customer service

I literally spent 10min in there and when I asked for assistance, I got “be right there”, but I guess she forgot as she got on her phone and laughed with her co-workers. There were literally 5 people working and not one asked me or the other guy that was in there if we needed any help. They should really stop acting like they’re the only place to get products in town. There’s like 5 shops that pop on daily.....get it together Dankorage!!!!


it is what it is


Went in there the other night and the bud tender hooked it up got a new battery for my cartridge and it works great he definitely knows his stuff.

Very cool design the people were professionals s

I like the location it's discreet but not hidden it's kind of minimalistically cool outside but very open and easy to see everything inside they have so many different things I just wanted to take my time and look at everything I could but I didn't have a whole lot of time so I quickly made my way through checked it out and I will definitely be returning because that Snow White was amazing and my new skull joint bubbler has been getting daily use ever since.