Mission Hills Patients Collective - Northridge / Reseda / Chatsworth

4.9 stars by 3222 reviews
dispensary Reseda, CAmedical & recreational
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4.9 stars

Great Prices

Great Prices friendly staff. always on point. keep up the good work.

Shout out Erica!

Favorite spot For sure the best shop in the valley hands down! Time and time again this shop stays lit. Open early, as well as stays open late.the price is solid and quality is consistent, but staff is probably the best always kind.


I’ve been coming to this shop for years, they always have that fire as bud👍 I’ve never had a problem but a faulty cartridge and they switched that out for me the same day !!! The bud tenders are always sweet and always let me know about their deals!! ANYBODY THAT HAS SOMETHING BAD TO SEE ABOUT THEIR WEED DONY KNOW SH**!!! I’ve been smoking for over 15 years consistently is always at the shop! Much love !

Mislabeled products, poor knowledge

First time patient went in for indica (craving so I asked tender to show me only indicas) picked an “indica”that looked nice just to find out later with something as simple as a smell that it was not indica, when I looked up the strain that they said was canibus it turned out to be a heavy sativa hybrid. Before I left I heard another customer returning product because it was grossly mislabeled. Unprofessional, don’t know what your gonna get, save the trip and try else where. Sincerely, a sad stoner :(

moldy smelling weed.

Their weed is moldy smelling half the time. smells like moldy water in a bag. This cant be healthy, surprised you guys haven't gotten sued for mold spore growth in people's lungs.


About a week ago as I was leaving the shop, I met one of the owners Sam, I expressed interest in working there. I came back that night to give him my resume, he then asked if I could START the following day. I showed up early ready to work but Sam wasn’t even there. So I met one of his partners Art, he acted unaware of who I was and what I was there for. On top of that he and the “manger” chick were rude to me. Have gone in twice since to try to figure this out. Now that’s UNETHICAL AND UNPROFESSIONAL. If that’s how they run their business then I wouldn’t want to work for them anyways. For as much money as I spent there you’d think they’d at least have the common courtesy to apologize. They could have made this right, instead they try to lie on me and insult me. They claim to have “experienced” budtenders, yet some of these girls don’t even have ANY work experience. My previous review (nicenugs420) is my opinion of this club. ZERO CANNABIS KNOWLEDGE & ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS


best shop in Reseda. they open at 8 AM and close at 10 which is really convenient considering a lot of other options in the area close earlier. really friendly environment and employees are helpful with any questions I have. been coming here for years and will continue to do so 😍😍

how poorly they treat BIG SPENDING REGULARS

Not only did this dispensary miss out on a Cannabis connoisseur who’s knowledgeable in this industry,but they have officially lost a loyal customer. I’ve been coming here at least once a week since the beginning of this year, spent THOUSANDS of dollars. Also referred multiple friends & family members here. Mostly because they carry some quality brands like korova, triple seven, the cure company, & a few others at a flat rate. Never because of their custom service, they have zero skills in that department. Most girls aren’t warm or welcoming & they aren’t even familiar with a majority of the brands they carry. These are “experienced” budtenders, but they don’t know shitt about the bud they are selling. They have no market or media plus their menu is NEVER accurate. This place needs help.. they jerked me around & completely wasted my time. So unprofessional, their not even going to try to make it right with me as a patron of this place. Wow I will NEVER support these guys in anyway again
Mission Hills Patients Collective - Northridge / Reseda / Chatsworth
Northridge / Chatsworth / Reseda
Hi @nicenugs420, we are sorry for your recent rejection in budtender position at our shop. We require long-term budtending experience. Unfortunately, we saw none in your resume and interview. We understand your frustration, however, its unethical to downgrade your experiences in our shop and with our budtenders just because you were unqualified for the position.
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Hair in my weed nug!?

Ive been to this shop a couple times since it’s the closest to me and every time I’ve gone the so called “bud tenders” be so rude for no reason! The last time I came here I found a hair in a nug I had just broken up the second I got into my car after gettin out shop(mind you this is supposed to be pre-packaged). I go right back in and I can’t even tell you how rude the girl was and she didn’t even apologize for the inconvenience and she clearly didn’t want to even give me exchange let alone give me my money back. Never coming here again.

where do I begin

● I walk in and the first thing they're talking about is how they would punch a someone they dont get along with... awkward.. ● they dont update the weed maps menu ● she didnt even know if the weed in the containers are a fresh batch or just old display. they all smelled the same. ● she wasnt much help as in recommendations or talking about her favorite brands, also kept yawning throughout the whole time ● overall giving 2 stars because she was nice but not very helpful. and my blue dream from this recent batch they just received is not bad, definitely not dry and its 5gs for $40.

Changed for the worse!

I went to pick up some items and no i can only buy them through the delivery service! Wtf! And they wanna charge me $10 to deliver! Used to be a good shop...would check out other options before coming here tbh.
Mission Hills Patients Collective - Northridge / Reseda / Chatsworth
Northridge / Chatsworth / Reseda
Hey mojojo7, Unfortunately our delivery service and our store front are different, therefore, some items that we carry may differ. Also just to let you know we do not charge for delivery within 5 miles, and only charge 5$ for further.
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it my favorite shop 'round these parts :J

Entry is swift, security is solid, and the budtenders are the sweetest. 😊💚 It's irksome knowing some will blame the business for simple issues that could have been alleviated or avoided with a bit of competence. If you're so sure they're pulling a bait and switch, (keeping in mind that you held up the line to sniff, like, 14 different jars) is it unreasonable to take an extra second to request that they correct the error? How you gonna smell a dozen different weedies, say "oh, this one", change your mind 2 more times, and then expect perfection? On top of dealing with YOUR bait and switch, they gotta watch the fellas behind your pro weed-smokin' self grow impatient and simultaneously prepare for another fraudouche to tell them how to do their job via Weedmaps/Yelp reviews. Interior is clean/cozy and the diligence put into prepackaging the bud makes things faster, ensures no contamination, and preserves product. Considering their consistent kindness, I'd give 5/5 regardless.

pancake bud

just got a gram that is seriously flat as a nickel. the packaging here runs all of the bud. extremely disappointed in my pancake bud.


5g for 45 of some fire cant beat that 🔥 unless you wanna over pay somewhere else🤷🏻‍♂️

Been coming her for years

One of my favorite shops, never lets me down! I always feel like they take good care of my needs. Im a little picky with hybrids but they do a great job at explaining each strain'sbenefits.

isssa aight

Been on a preroll mood lately and they got some pretty good prices. Quality was aight. not bad but not great either . In the end I did get high, my wallet didn't really cry, so can't really complain.

dry,not at all good

awful bud.awful prices.way expensive better off without this place


Best Flower

Highly do not recommend, trust read why below !!

I don’t usually smoke weed because it can give me anxiety if it’s not the exact strain specifically sour diesel or green crack. I looked at their menu before I went & it said that they had both (available in pre-rolls and 10% off for a new customer, cool! :) but when I got there the girl dark hair said they didn’t have pre-rolls, ok, no problem I’ll spend more money as long as it’s the right strain :) she said no green crack only sour diesel! So she gets me to buy an eighth I go home smoke a little bit and end up w insomnia the whole night & anxiety… That’s weird & the weed looked half dry like two diff batches? I look at the container and it says Jack herrer on the bottom.😏 I called, explained- I rarely smoke so jars full & and all I wanted was an exchange for what I thought I paid for. they said unfortunately that’s a he said she said. Thanks for the robbery! MJ RUSH-I used once on weed maps was the same price better quality and they were so generous and nice.

Fake Vape Carts

I have had my Rec since 2007 and this is my first review on any weed tracking website. I went here a week ago and purchased a Brass Knuckles 1g vape cart for just $45. Yes you heard that correctly. I should have listened to my gut feeling knowing that paying $15-20 less then what an item should normally cost is a red flag, but I didn't and purchased it anyway. Didn't smoke until the following morning. There was almost no smoke and taste was bad. I took it back a day later and they let me try it on their battery which also didn't work so they were nice to switch it for a new one. They let me try it there and my only direct comparison at the time was the non-hit i just took from the broken one. I had some cloud and and small throat hit so I said all is good and left needing to go to work. Later that night I noticed that I need to draw in like 10 seconds minimum to get any kind of good hit. The next day is starts tasting like burned and gave me a god awful headache. I went to my normal shop and told them about my experience and they told me the cart was probably fake. After doing my research and having smoked wax and concentrates since they hit our SFV, I can positively say, this is a fake Brass Knuckles product. DO NOT BUY THIS!!!! I would have gone back again but at this point what are they going to do? Exchange it for another fake cart? What about all the gas and time I spent or will spend if they message me back? UPDATE: Just went to hit my pen because it's the only thing I have at the moment and it completely falls apart with about 1/4 of product still in the tank. The mouth piece falls off and the bottom piece with the threading falls off leaving the tank exposed. Again FAKE CARTS!!!
Mission Hills Patients Collective - Northridge / Reseda / Chatsworth
Northridge / Chatsworth / Reseda
Hey frets182, We're very sorry to hear that you're having problems with Brass Knuckles cartridges, however, the ones that we sell are 100% authentic. You are more than welcome to stop by any time and take a look at the order manifest and the COA's (Certification of Analysis). Other than that feel free to contact Brass Knuckles and let them know the problems you are experiencing. (https://brassknucklescarts.com/contact-us/)
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