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    Marijuana deliveries in Las Vegas The Strip, NV

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    Weed Delivery in Las Vegas

    For medical and recreational Las Vegas weed delivery, Weedmaps has you covered. On the Weedmaps app, you can browse the area's top dispensaries that offer delivery services and find the cannabis that best fits your needs.

    Las Vegas Weed Delivery Information 

    Weedmaps helps you place a delivery order for marijuana by providing links to your neighborhood dispensaries. You place your order online through the dispensary page by adding items to your online cart and specifying that your order is for delivery. Then, you can relax while you wait for your cannabis delivery to come directly to your address.

    Neighborhoods in Las Vegas

    The Las Vegas strip, with its hotels and casinos, is probably the best-known neighborhood in Vegas. Still, many other neighborhoods make up Las Vegas and its suburbs, including Downtown, the Arts District, Summerlin, Henderson, and Chinatown. The strip is 4 miles of hotel casinos, restaurants, and nightlife. You'll also find many musical shows and performances, with many places open 24 hours a day.

    Downtown has classic low-key hotel casinos where tourists and locals mix. Downtown is where you'll also find hip restaurants, bars, bookstores, and a nightly light show over the Fremont Street Experience canopy. The Arts District, spanning 18 blocks and filled with galleries and shops, is where all things art thrive. Visit Chinatown for delicious Chinese food and culture.

    Recreational Weed Delivery in Las Vegas

    Wherever you are in Las Vegas, adult use and medical marijuana is nearby, and with Las Vegas weed delivery, you can have it brought directly to you. You can have weed delivered legally in Nevada if you're 21 or older. Many dispensaries in Las Vegas offer delivery services, and you can find them on Weedmaps. 

    What Types of Cannabis Are Available for Las Vegas Weed Delivery?

    Weedmaps delivery services have a variety of types of cannabis available. Most items that can be purchased in a dispensary are also available for delivery. Among options are:

    • Flower

    • Cannabis concentrates (such as resin, wax, budder, and sauce)

    • Edibles (oils, tinctures, candies, and drinks)

    • Vape pens (510 cartridges and disposable pens)

    • Topicals (salves and lotions)


    Here are a few answers to common questions about marijuana delivery in Las Vegas:

    Are there Las Vegas weed delivery services?

    Yes, both adult use and medical marijuana delivery is legal in Las Vegas. You must have a prescription and a state medical marijuana card to receive deliveries of medical marijuana. You only need to be 21 or older to receive deliveries of recreational marijuana.

    Can you order marijuana online in Las Vegas?

    Yes, it's legal and easy to order marijuana online in Las Vegas on Weedmaps.

    How does Las Vegas marijuana delivery work?

    Marijuana delivery in Las Vegas is quick and easy. To order weed for delivery, use this page to identify delivery services, add products to your cart, and checkout. Upon checkout, your purchases will be delivered to the address selected during purchase.

    How can I get cannabis delivered in Las Vegas?

    Use the Weedmaps app to place an online order using one of the delivery services featured in Las Vegas.

    Getting cannabis delivered to you in the Las Vegas area is easy and convenient. With an abundance of marijuana dispensaries and choices, your recreational and medical cannabis needs can be fulfilled from the comfort of your home. Use the Weedmaps app to locate a service that delivers to your Las Vegas neighborhood, then place an order to medicate, relax, and enjoy.

    united states
    Las Vegas The Strip listings