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YiLo is the result of our quest to create the finest medicated chocolates, drinks, brownies, candies and snacks for medical marijuana patients. What followed was a philosophy and lifestyle that adds cannabis where it counts. Our patients have continuously sent us thank you letters, stories of survival and blessed comments for our products. Each patient is our passion and we bake, extract, cook, and create every YiLo medical marijuana product with them in mind. We invite you to share in the medical benefits of cannabis. YiLo is Arizona's premeire medical marijuana edible and extract manufacturer.

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gummy bears suck

worst poison 😝😝😝😱😱

Horrible brand that doesn't guarantee quality meds

SAVE your money and don't buy Yilo edibles especially from their superstore. I got a pack of cookies that were really hard even after letting acclimate to room temperature for hours and they wouldn't credit me so I could try an edible they have that wasn't stale and would probably like it or at least have the chance to, and go back but apparently they don't care about making patients who come in to the Yilo superstore and spend their money happy with their purchase. And quick advice don't buy flower (bud) at a edible superstore cuz you more than likely won't get good deal and the preroll I got was one of the worst prerolls I've ever received, it ran down one side for pretty much the entire time it was lit and the xj13 that was in the preroll definitely wasn't anything good, that's what you get for trying flower (bud) from a place that only focuses on edibles but it's an edible company so I probably should've expected what I got but DEFINITELY NOT for their name brand cookies to be hard

No good

I don't like it her Rude rude budtenders.