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WonderBrett is a true icon within the cannabis community and is known as one of the original pioneers in California. For decades, Wonderbrett has been an innovator and purveyor of the highest quality cannabis products in the world. Our rare genetics, exotic terpene profiles, and meticulous cultivation techniques create an unforgettable,ultra-premium product...every time. WonderBrett is for the sophisticated connoisseur and only produces craft, small-batch, artisanal products. We spare no expense. We cut no corners. We are passionate about everything we do in an effort to provide consumers with a “best in breed”. Our mission and daily vision are to elevate your experiences for every lifestyle or use occasion both medicinally and recreationally. No matter what you enjoy doing or ailment you are seeking relief from, by pairing our variety of products with your lifestyle, we transcend the ordinary into the extraordinary. Whether you want to alleviate acute pain, inflammation, anxiety or insomnia or simply enjoy some of your favorite activities such as yoga, surfing, hiking, dinner parties, festivals or movies, we have you covered.

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State License

  • Adult-Use Cultivation PML19-0000600



My New Favorite Canna Brand

I am a self-admitted cannabis snob. So much so that I rarely like a brand enough to leave a review. That all changed after trying Orange Sunset. From the delicious smell, to the tangy taste, to the relaxing yet not stupefying high, this strain hit all the right notes for me. Bonus points for their brand aesthetic. Can’t wait to try the rest of their flavors.

Top Shelf Clean Craft Cannabis

WonderBrett consistently produces some of the finest boutique cannabis you'll find in and around LA. They have a stable of unique and interesting genetics and are always moving forward with their breeding program. If you don't like it, that's probably because you can't afford it.

Real flavors

Best tasting and smelling tree around. Wouldn’t even think of picking up anything else.