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WILLIE’S RESERVE celebrates the timeless connection between culture and cannabis with products inspired by Willie Nelson’s journey as a musician, activist, and thought leader. Willie Nelson has never made any bones about it. The cannabis culture is a way of life for him. And he has always operated under a simple philosophy: my stash is your stash. For music fans, cannabis connoisseurs & lovers of freedom This is legendary. This is #WilliesReserve ✊🍁 CO, WA, CA & OR.

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Best oil cartridge

This is the best. Strong “dab like” hits or light, if desired. Potent medicine. Great flavor. Quality oil and cartridge. Smooth pull, no harshness. I’ve had his joints too, they are equally delicious and potent. Great company! Quality products!

Customer service is amazing as product

I recently had an issue with a store front that I purchase Willies Reserve at. The corporate customer service was incredibly friendly, helpful, and kind above and beyond. It’s the best cartridge on the shelf. Buy it. Ask for it. If it says Willies reserve it does the job good and proper. If there is any knock on Willies it would be the price. I go through a .5 cart every other day and it gets a little pricey for everyday use. It’s better than pyramid, indigo and any other top shelf cartridge I’ve tried.


Seriously the worst preroll I’ve ever smoked. They’re tiny and extremely hard to smoke. By the time you light it it’s burned half of the joint. Can’t believe this product is attached to willie. Save your money and buy the house joint