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Vapen Concentrates are some of the purest products on the market today! Enjoy our entire line of 99% Pure Vapen which comes in a wide array of strain specific flavors and delivery methods! You Can Dab It! You Can Vaporize It! You Can Even Eat it! Our Award Winning Shatter and Wax Explodes with Flavor and is Packed with Potency! And just released... the Vapen Inhaler! This is the Most Discrete and Effective Delivery Method on the Market Today! Relief is just One Puff Away! So, when Discretion is Key...Vapen!

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best quality oil in lowest quality cartridge

I love the flavors and the quality of the oil probably one of the best I've had but someone needs to get a better cartridge. vape pen is one of the worst cartridges I've ever had I would say at least 4 out of 10 leak or come apart. yes I get them swapped out but it's kind of irritating. to this day I've never had a Timeless cartridge leaked that's the only manufacturer. hopefully vape pen does something different then I will go back to them.

Trust a product and a brand that packs a punch!!

I have tried many strains and flavors in their applicators and cartridges; Let me tell you, i am never left unsatisfied. I had one issue with a cartridge once but they fixed it quickly and i was back at my day - no issues. 5 stars only because i couldnt leave a 6 star rating!! If you care about top qaulity products, take a taste of some of the Vapen products.

battery life

lasts a while im sure thats what everyone looks for