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“Cultivated with Love & Curated for the Community!”


In the emerald hills of the Pacific Northwest lies one of the finest cannabis gardens to date. TJ’s Gardens was founded by two advocates who were dedicated to their love of cannabis and their care for the community. Together, they’ve created a brand that provides an excellent selection of flower, extracts, and edibles. TJ’s Gardens invites Oregon patients and adult users to enjoy the sensations and flavors of craft, award-winning cannabis.



Named after its two founders, Travis MacKenzie and James Orpeza, TJ’s Gardens was established to share the benefits of medicinal cannabis. Travis found his way into the cannabis industry as a means to help his wife, Cham. She was suffering from debilitating headaches from a brain injury she sustained in a car accident. Her neurologist suggested medical cannabis, so Travis began to cultivate a few plants. The couple saw an incredible difference, which inspired Travis to impact the lives of others by cultivating medicinal cannabis. James is a long-time master grower who lent his expertise to small medical grow-ops for many years. When James and Travis met, it was clear that their combination of passion and talent would be a real game-changer for Oregon’s cannabis community.


With more than 25 years of cannabis cultivation in his wheelhouse, James put together a “beyond organic” cultivation approach for TJ’s Gardens. Along the journey, TJ's Gardens has won over thirty awards at notable events and competitions, such as the High Times Cannabis Cup, Dope Cup, and NW Cannabis Classic, just to name a few. To this day, Travis and James still remain hands-on in the garden and extraction lab alongside a dedicated team of growers and extractors. Together, they carry out what is indeed a labor of love.



TJ’s Gardens operates under the philosophy that every plant deserves to reach its full genetic potential, which is why they cultivate using a technique known as regenerative no-till living soil. Each plant is provided the utmost care and attention to detail, from the organic nutrients in the soil to the watering and light cycles. After harvest and curing their buds to perfection, they are sent for lab testing to ensure only the cleanest and safest flowers make it to market.



TJ’s Gardens’ genetic offerings constantly evolve, but always uphold the highest quality standards. Explore some of their popular cultivars, including TJ’s Blue Dream, TJ's Durban Poison, TJ's Dark Star and TJ's Purple Kush.

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