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Our mission:  
The Clear™ strives to create the most reputable cannabis brands through Science and Innovation. 

Its team is committed to developing state-of-the-art cannabis services and products while constantly innovating to lead an evolving market.  Ever experimenting, refining and improving, The Clear™ sets the professional standard for new and superior cannabis products.

The Original… and The Best.

The Clear™ team began making traditional solvent extractions in 2012, applying the scientific method to experiment with secondary refinement techniques.  They innovated The Clear™ process in early 2013, and revolutionized the market with the release of The Clear™ dabable grams.  First appearing in Bay Area dispensaries, The Clear™ steadily gained its reputation for consistent and unrelenting quality as the concentrate community took notice of their ultra-refined, translucent concentrates.  As imitators emerged, The Clear™ maintained its reputation as an industry leader through the careful development of its 16 signature flavors, using only all-natural terpenes and flavors. Most recently, The Clear™ introduced its Baroni™ line of solventless rosins.  Baroni™ caters to the most discerning cannabis connoisseurs, and is the latest offering from The Clear™ to prompt California dispensaries to re-arrange their top shelf.

The Clear™ has elevated the industry-standard of manufacturing through science.
Since 2012, The Clear™ has built proprietary machines that they design for the purpose of consistently and efficiently producing the most potent and pure cannabis concentrates.  The Clear™ refinement processes are always evolving and protected by trade-secret. 

The Clear™ is now available in 16 flavors of dabable grams.  The grams test at approximately 90% THC, and taste true to their respective names.  The Clear™ also offers disposable vapor cartridges in each flavor, and is constantly innovating to provide the best working cartridge models.  The consistent potency and quality of The Clear™ concentrate makes it the ideal active ingredient for edibles manufacturers, leading to the development of The Clear™ Brownie Brittle and Caramel Popcorn, as well as valued partnerships with award-winning edibles companies including Clean Healing™ and Ganja Grindz™.

Lab Testing:  
Each batch of The Clear™ is tested through multiple labs for quality control, including SC Labs, the Wercshop and Steephill Labs.  Both The Clear™ and Baroni™ consistently test 100% free of pesticide, mold and solvent.

The Clear™ products are widely available in California dispensaries, with locations searchable through and Weedmaps.  The Clear™ is also produced under license in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan and Massachusetts. 

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Best vape in the world!!!!!!!

If you havent tried the clear please do. I 100% will back this brand , I have had it in California, Colorado, Michigan, and Arizona. It never tasted any different and the hardware was always the same , I believe it was c cell which is the best! Keep up the good work I am your number 1 customer.

Best Concentrate Ever

I tried The Clear for the first time in 2018 at LivWell and it is by far the best Oil I have ever had. The Golden Goat 500mg Elite was testing at 95% THC, and their cart hardware was amazing...huge hits but so smooth. Nobody comes close to The Clear. 10/10

Love it!

The Clear is seriously so good. Just the right potency for me, and the flavors are delicious. Grapevine reminds me of old school Purple Drink - yummmm!!