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Sublime is a California leader in cannabis manufacturing and distribution. We believe in the positive role cannabis can play in enhancing people’s lives, and our mission is to provide consumers with the most pleasurable, effective, and reliable products on the market. Sublime products are available at leading dispensary and delivery services throughout California. For more information, visit

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State License

  • Distributor C11-18-0000398-TEMP
  • Adult-Use Mfg. CDPH-T00000580



Green Goddess Lives up to her name.

Sublime Co2 Sativa Toyko Green Goddess This fabulous Sativa will definitely have you feeling like a goddess. The Green Goddess Delicious(is what I like to call it) strain comes from Skunk #1 blended with Sweat Leaf.🌱 Finding the strain in flower isn't easy which is why I was so excited when I saw it in a vape cartridge. It instantly became a must-try. With a name like Goddess, you better delivery and Sublime did not disappoint.💚 Again their glass tip just creates a better hit just like smoking out of a glass pipe. It actually feels like I am taking a hit from a little Barbie Bong...Which I LOVE...hehe Green Goddess has a light yet flavorful aroma. It is a sweet, earthy flavor with notes of rose. It is a blissful euphoric High great for conquering your to-do list. Especially for this ADD single mama. Puffin on this Green Goddess had me feeling like Beyonce 👠🙌🌬️

The Future of Vapor Pens

Sublime is the newest in a saturated market of vapor pens. They are head and shoulders above EVERYTHING out there! The sleek battery design plugs directly into any USB port, no charger required! It also fits discreetly on any key chain. The cartridges are top of the line glass containers with actual glass tips. The pull is amazing. Dense vapor clouds of the most flavorful terpenes. There is no equal. Do yourself a favor and taste the future of vapor pens. There is no going back...

risk of leak with this cartridge

I am wasting a lot of oil on my Sour Diesel cartridge. was planning on saving it but very inconvenient that I have to be toking on this cartridge or else it will keep leaking. I'll just stick with rove.