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Stratos is a longtime, premium manufacturer of cannabis and hemp-infused products, using only the best ingredients on the market and non-GMO Colorado-grown cannabis and hemp. The Stratos team considers uptake, absorbency, flavor, and convenience when creating each product. Their scientific approach and precision-based manufacturing processes ensure that customers have the same experience every single time. 

With several strain-type specific products as well as a variety of CBD/THC ratios, there is a Stratos product for any mood, desire, or need. Stratos' ingestible, smokeable, and vape lines never introduce any supplements into their formulations. They instead utilize the power of full spectrum oil to elicit deeper, more nuanced, mind-and-body effects. Stratos' full-spectrum oil maintains all of the properties that the plants have to offer rather than distilling oil down to one or two cannabinoids as other companies do.


Stratos tinctures were created using a high-shear mixing technology to reduce the size of the cannabis molecules, allowing for faster onset and maximum sublingual absorption. The dropper applicator allows for an easy micro-dosing option.


Carefully selected essential oils are combined with full-spectrum cannabis extract to boost the healing benefits of Stratos’ infused topicals.


Stratos tablets are designed to dissolve quickly and are easily absorbed into the body when compared to gel capsules with oil. Additionally, tablets can be halved or quartered for an easy micro-dosing option.


Stratos’ cannabis concentrates are infused into eco-friendly, vapeable, ceramic tablets. These precision-dosed 50mg tabs offer a pure product free of additives and fillers. The ceramic casing provides a buffer between the flame and the oil allowing for a true-vapor experience as opposed to the combustion required with most vape products.


The Stratos Slow burn prerolls are infused with full spectrum oil, a process that makes them burn evenly and last twice as long as average prerolls. They're one of the only infused pre-rolls to include whole flower (not trim) & maintain same flower/oil combo (i.e. wedding cake whole flower mixed with wedding cake oil).


All of Stratos’ hemp products, which also include tablets, tinctures, and topicals, are available in full spectrum or CBD isolate formulations through If you want the benefits of CBD without the high, this is the product for you!

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