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About us

Best of Weedmaps 2022 brand nominee

Our mission is to transform the world by elevating the human experience.

We are committed to curating unique, loving environments for each cut to ensure our genetics authentically express themselves to the fullest potential. Providing the cleanest green you’ve ever seen, experience the grower’s grower, straight from Source.

Our Brands:

Source Cannabis: Home to our Premium 1/8ths in our signature boxes, along with our Premium 1/8th Smalls, Premium 1/2-ounce jars, and gram bags.

Source Xtracts: Our line of premium Live Rosin concentrates. The same great Source flower, transformed into solventless, cold-cured rosin.

Tower Premiums: Don't smoke a preroll, smoke a Tower. Available in 1g singles and 0.5g five-packs. We also now offer Infused Towers, hand-coated with Source Xtracts live rosin.

Want to learn more about our limited strains or Clean Green Certified grow practices?

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State License

  • Medical Cultivation CCL18-0000659
  • Adult-Use Cultivation CCL18-0000659
  • Distributor C11-0000812-LIC