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A holistic, almost spiritual approach to cannabis informs our methods and has led to a stable of vibrant, clean and powerful strains. All of our offerings are indoor soil grown for the reason that soil is the origin of plant life and we believe it to be integral to plant wellness. Our environmentally controlled cultivation rooms allow us to adapt to the needs of each strain. To deepen our connection and communication with the plant, we always hand water, giving each plant the love she deserves. Flushing our plants with pure water for three weeks not only ensures clean cannabis but also provides the smoothest smoking experience. We carefully trim each strain based on its genetic profile and cure in glass until they reach perfection.

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State License

  • Adult-Use Retail A10-18-0000184-TEMP
  • Distributor M11-18-0000184-TEMP
  • Adult-Use Cultivation TAL18-0001501
  • Adult-Use Retail A10-18-0000236-TEMP
  • Distributor A11-18-0000120-TEMP
  • Adult-Use Cultivation TAL18-0001324



I only smoke source cannabis farms

I had all the name brands i got the most expensive eights but nothing compares to source cannabis farms all there strains are fire the most expensive eight is 45$ King louie, larry og, Skywalker og, quest og, white fire og,Tahoe og, diablo og and so many more strains that were so bomb i got so high and forgot the names lol


Grabbed some Thin Mints and wow 😍😍😍 expected a stronger smell but I literally stared at the buds for 10 minutes before breaking them. Super purple on the inside too. Good indica/hybrid high off rip, felt some pain relief too that was a plus, went back to the old bubbler for it lol. Also the Orange cream is A1 and nothing less. If you like that piney taste and a strong sativa to get your brain firing I highly recommend it.

Fell in love with that Simple Jack

Went into ShowGrow and got an 8th of Simple Jack. One of the best highs for activities. I use it for sports and when I’m on the go!