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Sensation Seeds is your one-stop shop for feminized, autoflowering and CBD cannabis seeds. You will find the greatest and stickiest marijuana strains available from all across the world with potent hybrids, landrace strains, and much more.

A coffee shop owner meets up with a grower, both being deeply rooted within the Dutch cannabis culture and with a great passion for cultivation and development.

Together they combine years of expertise, 30 years as a business owner and 20 years as a grower. They meet up and then decide to bundle both their knowledge and capabilities, in order to offer the world premium marijuana strains. The result is a desirable, powerful and ultimately a selection of the top strains on the market.

• 16 Strong and established strains
• Committed and dedicated to excellence
• Accurate in every solution we offer
• Very versatile and incredibly selective breeders
• Sensation Seeds are hand-picked and tested daily
• Highly-resistant packaging and build to last

Even though Sensation Seeds is just new in the market, we already gained extensive experiences in the field. We can offer 16 different strong and established strains. With us, you can always guarantee that your money will be spent on the best products.

We believe that growers in the world should have an ease in finding high-quality seeds and should be able to grow with confidence and trust that their harvest is a big success. We know how hard it is to select and collect top-notch seeds, so we are working closely together with breeders to provide everything our customers need.

Sensation Seeds carefully selects premium cannabis seeds to ensure that our customers are getting the best products. Various strains have already proven their worth through winning High Times Cannabis Cups and prizes at different Award shows. We want to realize our ultimate goal which is to ensure successful harvest for all our valued customers. Choose us now as your ultimate partner in selecting the best of the best cannabis seeds you can find here at Sensation Seeds.

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