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“Perfecting the Craft, Advancing the Product, Redefining the Experience”


Seed & Smith Cannabis are the experts of small batch, boutique marijuana; cultivated with the utmost responsibility and care. Transparency is part of their lifestyle, Seed & Smith Cannabis host facility tours, taking the 420 community through every part of the cannabis life cycle. Seed & Smith Cannabis was started by a passionate group of visionaries that wanted to provide the Colorado cannabis community safe, consistent products at an affordable price. Seed & Smith Cannabis is happy to weed out the competition. Mass produced, mediocre cannabis is not acceptable; and their team works diligently to make top-notch flowers a customer norm.



Seed & Smith Cannabis was created to execute a vision of producing small batch cannabis products that are economically valuable. Their goal is to become the best in the industry through combining the highest quality control with affordability. The result was a fantastic facility that officially opened on April 20th of 2017, fittingly on stoner holiday 420. Seed & Smith Cannabis is determined to ignite a marijuana renaissance, bringing out the best that cannabis has to offer through growing knowledge about the plant. Since their launch, Seed & Smith Cannabis have been pleased to see the welcoming response from the cannabis community and aims to continue connecting incredible flowers with even more incredible people.



Trust and reliability are at the forefront of Seed & Smith Cannabis, and their small batch approach to cultivation ensures they deliver exactly that. Seed & Smith Cannabis aim to create a cannabis renaissance, taking after the spirit of microbrews that preceded the marijuana boom. At their grow every team member works synergistically, creating a powerful operation where intelligence, good work ethics, and a positive attitude go a long way. Seed & Smith Cannabis operates in a state of the art facility, by folks that are experts in their respected area of marijuana. Their team strictly adhere to all regulations set by the state and perform their work in the most transparent manner possible.



Seed & Smith Cannabis cultivators bring unique and exotic marijuana seeds to life at their state of the art facility. Seed & Smith Cannabis cultivate unique and exotic strains of marijuana, both for recreational and medical use. Their recreational Tango flowers are a Sativa dominant hybrid covered in orange hairs and bursting with a strong tangerine aroma. Seed & Smith Cannabis’ Super Sour Lemon flowers are for medical use and present energizing and uplifting effects.


Lab Testing

Seed & Smith Cannabis is pleased to offer lab tested flowers through Agricor Labs. Our flower is tested for potency, pesticides and microbials, ensuring only the safest marijuana make it to our shelves.