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Remedy strives to bring the best and most effective medicinal cannabis to the patients of Nevada. By using leading edge cultivating techniques, we have been able to exceed industry standards in potency and variety to better accommodate all of Nevada's patients. Whether you're an experienced cannabis user or just beginning, we have a Remedy for it.

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30 year smoker ten year medical patient Your weed helps and absolutely no way whatsoever and it looks pretty good most of the strains I get it I wonder if there’s any THC in it whatsoever very very very disappointed

Rude & Unwelcoming

I was excited to visit remedy as they are closer than my usual disp, but excitement led to disappointment. Upon walking in I literally stood in front of the guy at the desk for about three minutes before he looked up from his computer to ask can he help me - as if I was bothering him. The next step was no better as the woman that was getting me checked in was rude also. She types my id number in wrong and instead of trying it again she tells me I’m not registered. When I tell her yes I am she starts questioning me about when how and where I registered As if I’m lying. After she realized she was wrong she hands me back my documents and says ok you can wait to be called. I said ok am I waiting here she said no over there. Just rude. I will not return.

Jah Bless Kara

Kara D is the best budtender in the world, some of the other people could smile more and you should make your sales known to yet-to-be customers because your prices look rich boy at first impression.