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Our Story

Rebel Coast started producing traditional wine in 2012, and then revolutionized the cannabis industry in 2017 with the introduction of a sauvignon blanc cannabis-infused beverage, offering a delicious, low-calorie alcohol alternative to a new generation of consumers. Born and bred in California, our beverages are designed for the rebellious spirit to celebrate the best moments in life. Now Rebel Coast boasts a brand new look and an expanded line including refreshing fruity seltzers and sparkling versions of our popular classic varietals — Sauvage and Pink Passion.

Our Process

We create cannabis-infused beverages for all occasions in life.

For our Sauvage and Pink Passion classic and sparkling varietals, we source grapes grown in beautiful, warm Sonoma, California, where they are infused with fast-acting THC. Likewise, our seltzers marry cannabis with sparkling water and natural fruit flavors for a deliciously drinkable cannabis experience with zero calories, carbs or sugar.

All Rebel Coast products are meticulously formulated with specific cannabis strains and a proprietary blend of

cannabinoids, botanicals and flavors to create a refreshing taste and predictable effect. Our patented process and formula ensure fast-acting onset, usually within 15 minutes. And, of course, all of our products are tested at every stage to ensure safety, consistency and potency.

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