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Pure Ratios is a unique family of complementary THC and CBD based products that are free of chemicals and additives and designed to improve wellness and overall balance.At Pure Ratios we combine modern cannabis science with the principles of ancient Chinese medicine, which always utilizes multiple herbal components to both protect the body and provide therapeutic direction to the formulation. In addition, our team of scientists have formulated proprietary blend of essential oils containing terpenoid compounds that have been demonstrated to enhance the beneficial effects of the cannabinoids. This proprietary blend was developed to optimize the entourage effect and enhance the overall well being that Cannabis provides.

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Best CBD & THC products on the market

I've tried their CBD and THC cartridges and the results were great. Their honey oil is one of the most potent oils on the market making it the best bang for your buck. It's got a nice taste and gives you a great high, perfect for everyday use. My favorite product has to be their CBD cartridge as it has helped me a great deal with my chronic fibromyalgia, allowing me to get my day started without much pain.

The best truly Medical Cannabis Company

I have tried most medical Cannabis companies and I have found Pure Ratios to have the best delivery systems and products I have found! I have tried their all there products and am amazed by how well they work. I have Chronic Pain and the Patch got rid of the pain for 4 days!! Incredible! The Vapes and topical's also are amazing with essential oils, I loved them. The Lozenges clean your teeth and you get your medication directly absorbed through your mouth!!! I also love how they mix natural medicine with science!! Truly cutting edge.

Amazing Medical Cannabis

I was introduced to Pure Ratios by a friend who is suffering from throat cancer. He is in the middle of his treatments and tried their CBD products with awesome results. I went to my local dispensary and purchased a 200mg CBD Vape, a lozenge and a couple of their patches, AMAZING results for me!!! I'm going back this weekend to try the Salve and the new vape carts that they have just released, cant wait.