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In 2014, the edibles market was lacking a product that was flavorful, size appropriate, potent, and most importantly, consistent. After months of hard work, the PunchBar was developed. Punch Edibles was born on the idea of providing a sensibly sized, high-dose edible. Patients could now enjoy their medicine with great flavor, minimal calories and sugar, all in a consistent and safe way.

Since launching in 2014, Punch has grown tremendously. Currently there are 4 different product lines totaling 25 different chocolate bars. As well as we have recently added a VEGAN Fruit Snack line that will have 5 product sku's: Original, Citrus, Berry, Sour and Heat. All Punch products are lab tested and made with premium concentrates. Punch is located in hundreds of dispensaries throughout California, with a customer base that has remained loyal since the beginning and continues to grow daily.

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Let me start off by saying, I've always been that "guy" who thinks edibles will never affect them. I ate a full strawberry cheesecake PUNCH EDIBLE and wow I was super duper faded I was watching Kevin harts stand up on Netflix and I've never laughed that hard in my life. I ended up being so stoned that I watched stand up for 8 straight hours, oh ya and ate an entire pizza to myself. Thank you Punch Edibles you have FOREVER changed my perception on eating edibles. Its a new ritual for me and my girl that every Sunday we try a new punch flavor which btw has the best variety out of any edible company in the game, they have 35 different flavors which is amazing. We sit and watch Netflix the entire day while laughing are asses off. I HIGHLY recommend everybody try there product not only does it taste great but it will also get you extremely super duper faded. Oh ya they also won HighTimes best edible of 2017(Mic drop🔥🔥)


I got a sample yesterday from a vendor. Just a simple 25mg . Yeah, at least that's what I thought. I put it aside cuz 25's never hit me like I think they will. I opened it later last night, wondering why the sample was small. That sample had me on my ass about an hour later. Woke up this morning still high and got the best sleep I've gotten in months. I wish I was lying, but if I was I wouldn't have came to the product's page to write a review on a SAMPLE. I'm definitely picking some more up this week. 👌🏽

Best Tasting Most Effective Edibles for the price!

Punch is always my go-to edible for road trips traveling camping or Outdoor Adventures because it's small doesn't require refrigeration and at 225mg is very powerful. I also like to give them to friends for their birthdays because even after I warn them they usually eat the whole thing & end up passing out lol . . .