Puffin Farm



""Sunshine makes our buds divine""""

The WSLCB rules say that Cannabis cannot be labelled as organic so third party certifiers like Clean Green are applying organic standards to Cannabis and certifying the crop with their label.
Our farm uses no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides

Low carbon footprint: Indoor Cannabis cultivation has been estimated to use 1% of the nation’s power, whereas Sun grown Cannabis uses 95% or more less electrical energy. We use a small amount to sustain our nursery, and some of our greenhouse crops are supplemented with artificial light for part of the year.

Everything we do at Puffin Farm, from strain selection, to our slow cold cure, to our packaging, and finally to our customer, is focused on maximizing flavor, quality, and consumer experience

The terpenes which give different strains their taste and smell are well known to effect the high, so the belief that “if it taste good it feels good” is at the core of our product. We grow in the full sun in Eastern Washington in the natural soil, enriched with compost, worm castings, biochar, kelp and humic acids to maximize the rich terpene content.

We use a lot of beneficial insects, like lacewings and ladybugs, to control insects. When necessary, we use harmless natural products like neem oil and rosemary oil on the vegetative plants to enrich their immune systems before their flowering path.

We never spray anything on the flowers. We let our plants go as long as they need to reach full flavor, and then harvest them and slow cure them in cold dry rooms for weeks to save all those precious terpenes which evaporate with a warm fast dry.

We keep everything in cold storage with as little air as possible and ship it out as soon as it is packaged so we can so you get it in its prime.

We package our products in high quality storage containers to maximize the freshness of our flowers from our farm to your hands.

We are constantly delivering new innovative products to our retail partners and ensuring that a steady supply of our product is readily available to our consumers.