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Prime Extracts creates high-quality refined cannabis concentrates for medical patients in the state of Maryland. Our number one priority is the health, safety and well-being of Prime consumers.

We believe in transparency. 

Patients deserve the cleanest and most responsibly-sourced cannabis to treat their symptoms and ailments. Our independent, third-party test results will be posted before new products reach dispensary shelves to ensure consumers are properly informed.

We believe in quality. 

Prime strives to exceed state and patient standards. Our brand name is exemplified every time we pour a batch of shatter, kneed a batch of wax, or formulate a vapor cartridge. Our strains are distilled down to their prime component, resulting in clean, high-quality concentrates. 

We believe in responsibility. 

It is our commitment to instill confidence and comfort with Prime Extracts cannabis concentrates.  Our packaging and vape cartridge tips are are color-coded based on their Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, High-CBD, and 1:1 contents, so patients can medicate responsibly and appropriately depending on their symptoms.

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Great Carts

I haven’t yet been disappointed by a Prime cartridge, they last longer than many other brands, the terpene count is amazing & it’s GREAT quality. Oh! And they’re filled to the top. I’ve had DoSiDos so far & Mendo Punch is the next one I plan to get. Prices could be lower (I’m seeing mostly $60-75 in my area), but the medicine speaks for itself. Very good stuff!


Purchased a couple Prime carts when price dropped from 70$ to 50$.☺ They are on point with their high Terpene and CBD levels along with a THC level in the 70's. I heard they are changing to pods.

Good quality carts

Been happy with what I’ve got from prime so far. A few carts and a couple concentrates. Both pretty impressive.