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A little Presidential packs a big punch.


Presidential RX is a deep and lasting commitment to delivering strong and reliable marijuana flower infused with premium quality hash oil and kief. Devoted to medical patients within the cannabis community, Presidential RX’ products provide long-lasting and active healing effects for those looking for a reliable, easy to use dosing of cannabis. Whether it be through their outstanding products, their place within the cannabis community and marijuana industry, or dedication to innovation, Presidential RX is committed to excellence and committed to patients.

Presidential RX proudly utilizes their all-natural, proprietary CO2 extraction process to create their cannabis oil, an integral part of most of their high-quality products. Their signature Concentrated Flowers and Prerolls employs a meticulous ratio of 20% OG Kush, 55% OG CO2 Oil, and 35% OG THC Kief Crystals, making bud and prerolls that deliver quality and consistency, providing patients with the ability to dose to their server and specific medical conditions appropriately.

Presidential Rx leads the marijuana industry when it comes to their easy to use and effective products. Created and packaged so that patients can medicate in the simplest way possible, Presidential Rx proves how committed they are to excellence and their patients with each and every product.

Presidential RX Prerolls are the strongest prerolls. Period. Perfectly packaged in a ready to go protective plastic tube, these amazing signature prerolls deliver one of the best body effects of any joint on the market. In addition to being easy to use and extremely effective, Presidential RX Prerolls come in a wide variety of flavors, including regular, vanilla, strawberry, watermelon, grape, pina colada, and pineapple, ensuring that you get a mouthful of flavor that will send your taste buds swooning with every single hit.

Presidential RX Concentrated Flowers are the long-lasting, fast-acting buds that allow you to medicate how you see fit. Combining the beauty and power of OG Kush with OG Kush Hash Oil and OG Kush Kief, the melding of the strain-specific concentrate flower makes for an impressive and powerful form of medication for the cannabis community.

Presidential RX’ CO2 Hash Oil provides patients looking to vaporize or dab with the perfect cannabis oil for their medical needs. Using their natural and proprietary CO2 extraction process, this CO2 Hash Oil comes in a prefilled, easy to use ½ gram syringe for a simple application to your vape pens or dab rigs.

From their versatile Concentrated Flowers and CO2 Hash Oil to their ready to go and simple to use Prerolls and Capital Candies, Presidential RX’ products lead the marijuana industry and help the cannabis community.

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Sorry to say

I picked up some of these pre rolls the other day and I broke out really badly in rashes after smoking some . I went to the doctor the next day because I still was in rashes and they told me it was because I had some type of allergic reaction to what’s seemed to be some sort of pesticides. Later that day I went and had the product I smoked tested because I wanted to know what the f had caused it if I was just allergic to weed now or what - what’s do you know when the tests came back they had shown that there was all types of really nasty stuff pesticides and EVEN MOLD in this product . Please for the safety of the public keep this product off the shelves !!!!! Oh and it barely got me high anyways not worth poisoning my body over . I give this product five thumbs down and then some


One of my favorite pre-rolls. All flavors are great

Presidential OG

The Presidential OG flower is always very potent and has a great sour, OG Kush flavor. I enjoy it very much! Thank you! I highly recommend this.