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At Potters, we are a group of creators, dreamers, and doers that all share a common goal, to leave a positive impact on the world. We seek to contribute to the global community through adventure, creativity and giving back.


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Strong values, middle-of-the road experience

Is it worth it? There are dozens of cannabis oil brands in surrounding dispensaries, so at $35 BEFORE taxes, why should we choose @potterscanna? - - As hard-hitting as this cartridge is, this brand's community outreach is where its true potency lies. In an era where consumers still combat stigma, Potterscanna realizes the importance of giving back. Home building projects in Mexico and Feeding San Diego events in SD county make this brand the ONLY one I've reviewed thus far with such glowing focus on engagement. I cannot commend their efforts enough. - - However, all things considered, the connoisseur in me will find it difficult to revisit this Pink Champagne cartridge for anything more than occasional use. Brands like Jetty and Select, at the $35 price point, offer similar products WITHOUT the use of refined medium-chain triglycerides or plant-derived terps to deliver quality experiences. - - In short, if you value VALUES from your cannabis brand, look no further, as @potterscanna is setting a precedent other brands can learn from. But for those of us seeking a transcendent cannabis experiences concealed within a pen, this may leave you wanting a bit more.


Just wanted to give a thumbs up to the AC/DC CBD I’ve been a diabetic for close to 30 years always have issues with controlling my blood sugar this product has helped neutralize my blood sugar and inflammation in my body and my daughter suffer from anxiety this product has helped me and my daughter deal with these Issues just wanted to Thank potters cannabis for an excellent product I have been recommending this product to everybody that I know 👍

Changed my Life

Potters has changed mine and my families live's forever. This will be short and sweet. I contacted Mr. Potter about a year ago for some personal Cannabis knowledge and he was more than happy to sit on the phone with me and answer all of my questions. (Thanks again) A few months later my uncle was diagnosed with Brain and Lung cancer and extremely suffering from the painful effects of chemo. Loading him up on pain killers was every doctor's form of recommended recovery. As soon as I was informed of this, I contacted Potter immediately. He instantly directed all of his attention to my uncle and wanted to help in any way possible. He connected me with some of the industries most influential people. My favorite was Cheryl Shuman. An Icon in the Cannabis World. I left one voicemail and she called me back within ten minutes from the other side of the world ready to give me every drop of information I needed on how I could get started with helping my uncle recover peacefully and effectively. Finally, my uncle has started a medicinal tincture oil and has begun to show instant positive signs of recovery and the tumors have begun to shrink. Potters Cannabis Thank you for spend