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We are proud of our premium flower. PONO LIFE MAUI’s master growers have skillfully cultivated PONO unique strains that can’t be found anywhere else. Building up from this high standard, PONO strives to not just meet the required quality control standards, but beat them! After testing for 56 pesticides and contaminants in ALL of our products, we consistently demonstrate ZERO product contamination. Going beyond safe and legal, PONO’s top quality strains are consistently pure and clean. We can offer premium manufactured products because we start with our premium flower.


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Best dispensary on Maui

Highly recommended. Friendly knowledgable service and a great selection of flower. Don't waste your time going anywhere else.

Pono life Maui hawaii

I went to Maui to visit family. I checked out pono life. shop was small but the flower was great I got the Hawaiians Dutch and Maui kush both were great but it was a little pricey then oahu. BTW WEEDMAPS was great it helped me find what I was looking for. also the menu helps. thanks to Pono life I had a great time on Maui no pains what so ever and can't wait till they expand like oahus and other dispensaries.

Gave it another try

Tried this place again since Maui grown therapies was sold out on buds. The buds was good and gotten little better from last time. Maui og seems the best one so far. They finally have cartridges but only 50% thc for $45? No thanks waste money. I would think their first cartridges of any type would come out with a bang and high thc especially being that it took them couple years just to add a cartridge. YOU NEED BETTER PRODUCTS MORE PRODUCTS AND YOU REALLY NEED HIGHER THC FOR THOSE WITH HIGHER TOLERANCE AND A LOT OF PAIN. only two buds at 21% thc and one is sativa which I can’t do because my body doesn’t do well with sativa anymore. Medical needs higher thc. Not all medical people have low tolerance and low pain and smoke low thc.