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Pearl Pharma produces cannabis flower that embodies perfection and quality. Simply, we seek to consistently provide potent flower with deep flavor profiles and dense resinous buds. We are lucky to have a great team of talented and experienced growers who know their craft, and it shows in the product. Our cultivation experience dates back to 1998; since then we have been making relationships with respected breeders which has allowed us to get a hold of some stellar genetics. Those genetics are then “pheno-hunted” to locate the best-of-the-best, enabling us to provide a truly unique version of every strain we release. Our products are for all types of consumer; whether you are new to the experience or a serious OG, you will find a strain of Pearl that lights you up. The whole team at Pearl Pharma enjoys the process of bringing nose blasting, beautiful and potent cannabis to the market; after all that is the Pearl Life. We appreciate all of the people out there who live the Pearl Life with us. 

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State License

  • Adult-Use Cultivation PAL18-0000942